eM Client Review

eM Client is an email client software designed to make things simple when it comes to managing multiple email accounts. The email client offers all the necessary features to manage all your email accounts effectively. You can read all your emails and send messages from the same place, which allows you to save time and increase productivity. Apart from having a user-friendly interface, the software includes calendar, chat, contacts and tasks.


eM Client is designed with convenience in mind. Its interface is modern, appealing and easy to use. You will be able to manage your email accounts effortlessly in one place. Even if you haven’t used this type of software before, you will be able to handle eM Client like an expert in no time. The interface supports high resolution displays and it offers top performance when used on touch screen devices. There is a Dark Theme that is very handy when you need to use the client at night or under low light conditions.


The practical functionality and powerful performance that eM Client provides will ensure that you can manage your email communications without hassle. There is an option called Conversation View, which lets you organize email messages based on specific subjects. You can group messages about certain topics and keep your mailbox tidy and manageable. The messages can be easily seen and accessed faster as you won’t need to spend to much time to find what you need. When you organize the email messages in conversation view, you can follow-up easily and continue the conversation without missing any detail. It is a practical function to manage your email conversations and to find information faster.

Implementing eM Client in the customer service department of your small business would be a good choice, thanks to its quick text and mail translation solution. It is likely that you receive the same kind questions from your customers on a regular basis. With eM Client, you can send similar responses quickly to help them to solve their issues or answer their queries faster. This also saves you time as you won’t need to prepare individual replies that are pretty much the same. It is possible to use text snippets for your messages and send them to different recipients without having to type the same text multiple times. In addition, there is a Mail Translation feature that allows you to support international customers effectively. You can translate the messages received and also prepare responses in the language of your recipients.

With eM Client, you can also schedule your email messages to be sent at a later stage. If you don’t need to send an email immediately, you can simply set the time when it should be delivered. The Delayed Sending feature allows you to schedule the delivery of your email messages when needed. This is a practical solution if you are in contact with people in different time zones and it is possible to use it with each one of your email accounts. eM Client is an advanced solution that supports pretty much all email protocols including IMAP, POP3, EWS and AirSync.

At its core, eM Client is a powerful email management solution, but apart from offering efficient performance, the software is a great option thanks to the features it supports. The software comes with chat, calendar and tasks, giving you the chance to manage your communications and daily activities in a simple and effective way. With the calendar feature, you can create schedules for every day and get information about national holidays. You can also chat in real time with friends, family or colleagues from within the email client, without using another software. Tasks is a convenient solution to create a to do list and keep track of what you need to do during the day.

Email Encryption

Encryption certificates¬†are supported for both OpenPGP and MIME. For those not familiar with email encryption, it is possible to purchase yearly certificates or opt for free one such as Comodo’s InstantSSL. These certificates allow you to encrypt any email account’s communications. Importing these certificates depends on the client’s compatibility, but with eM Client, all types of certificates including traditional armored PGP can easily get imported and activated.

Therefore, opting for a software client such as eM Client versus using a browser, also allows you to better secure your account. You can take it a step further and encrypt your local database. Although this is done through your operating system, encrypting your email database ensures that even the files on your hard drive are safe.

Advantages and downsides of eM Client

One of the highlights of eM Client is its innovative, modern interface that works with popular email services including Gmail, Outlook and Exchange. It allows you to read and respond emails, while also supporting features like contacts, tasks, chat and calendar so that you can get greater control over your day and your email communications. The main downside is that the free version only supports up to two email accounts. The Pro version costs $49.95 per year and it gives you the chance to add as many email accounts as you want, as well as dedicated support. If you want to have eM Client on multiple computers, you can purchase additional licenses for convenient prices. The purchases are covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.


eM Client is a comprehensive email client that gives you the chance to manage all your email accounts from a single, user-friendly interface. There are many features that allow you to read, send and manage email messages effectively. It is the ideal solution to manage several email accounts simultaneously as it helps you to save time and to organize your communications and tasks to boost your productivity. The interface is advanced, yet easy to use and all the features available are designed to improve the way in which you handle your emails.

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