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Launched in 2012, NZBgeek is a community focused on NZB that offers a great selection of features. Anyone can join NZBgeek’s live chat and the website is free to use, although you will have to register first and the forums are only available to those with a VIG (Very Important Geeks) membership. The community is set to offer help to its members and unlike automatic engines such as Binsearch, NZBgeek relies on its members to ensure the quality of the website. The community centers around improving the site and offering the best performance and options to its members.

Free membership Vs Premium (VIG)

If you have a free subscription, there are a few restrictions on what you can do. The main one is that you will only be able to download 2 NZBs per day. In order to get unlimited access, you can upgrade to the Premium (VIG) membership to be able to enjoy more features. As a Premium member, you can access API key and guest invites. It should be noted that to use your NZBgeek account, a Usenet Service Provider is required and the best option is UsenetServer.

The full VIG access starts from $1 USD per month and it allows you to lift the 2 NZB/day limit. In addition, you will be able to use the API for your favorite downloader, participate in the monthly drawings and much more. While anyone can join for free, the website encourages its users to upgrade to the VIG membership. When you become a VIG member, you receive a lot of benefits such as custom searches, spam filtering, language flags, unlimited NZB and NZBGeek API, Gaming, Dashboard, Giveaways, Content request and more. By donating to the website, not only can you become a Very Important Geek and enjoy these great features, you will also help to support NZBgeek.

The VIG membership is very affordable and it offers many advantages. You only pay $6 per month, $12 per year, or you can save in the long run and pay $18 in advance to get 18 months of premium access. The payment methods include PayPal and Bitcoin. Unlike other websites that require an invite to join, NZBgeek is an open site and it doesn’t feature ads. Anyone can be part of the community without having to deal with annoying ads.

What can you do with NZBgeek?

It is important to keep in mind that NZBgeek is not a Usenet provider or newsreader software. These are options that you can download from Usenet. NZBgeek is a solution that lets you find the content that you want through a wide range of newsgroup posts. You won’t need to download headers. As previously mentioned, it is advisable to use Usenetserver. as the Newsgroup Usenet Provider for NZBgeek.

NZBGeek highlights

This Newsnab-based site features a MyBB forum and it is focused on Usenet, although its centered around a community of people who index NZBs. The website can be used for free, although there is a premium membership option that allows access to more features. NZBgeek has over 50,000 members and about 10,000 of them have VIG memberships. There are monthly drawings held for VIG members. In NZBgeek, there are over 500,000 NZBs indexed and the website is working to backfill to January 2011. NZBgeek updates very often (every 10 minutes) and it offers entertaining and useful chats and forums. It is possible to browse by category. Another things that are worth highlighting include the Premium record option and the Private Usenet seek site.

Additional details

The website’s index is updated every 10 minutes, which gives you quick access to NZBs as soon as they become available. The developers are continuously working to ensure that the website offers the best possible experience for its users. The great community and indexing features are proof of the developers’ dedication to the website. The indexer is known as GeekSeek and the networking features supported by NZBgeek make the website the perfect solution for those who want to connect with people with similar interests. The content is organized in different categories and there are over 500,000 NZBs indexed and developing.

Using NZBgeek

To get started, you need an NZB application and will have to open an account with UsenetServer. Just search for the content that you want on the dashboard, using a watchword or key phrase on the Usenet Search. Many files will be loaded after the search and there you can get the NZB file by tapping the NZB icon. Then you can download the NZB and open the NZB file that was recently create in your favorite Usenet customer to download the content (videos, eBooks, songs and more). The NZB can be stored in your computer and then you can import the NZB into the client software. You can look for the name of the content that you want and then download the NZB and open the NZB that was recently created in the Usenet client to download the content. The search lists include name of post, post date, category, file size and number of files.


NZBgeek allows users to join for free and without requiring an invite, which makes it a very appealing solution. The website has a strong commitment to offering support for the community of users and it is updated on a regular basis. The paid membership is affordable and it offers many benefits. There are useful filtering options and the overall functionality of the website is really impressive. NZBgeek is a fantastic NZB indexer and it provides good features, as well great rewards through the monthly draws.

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