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Runbox is a secure email solution that takes advantage of the fact that it is based in Norway, where there are strong privacy regulations to protect personal data. The company aims to keep every aspect of your email communications secure and it also stands out for its commitment to the environments since it relies on 100% certified renewable energy sources. Here we will find out more about this email service that focuses on privacy.

How does Runbox protect your email privacy?

Runbox‘s servers are located in Norway and since personal data is protected under the Norwegian constitution, the company can offer its customers a secure solution to keep their email communications private. Runbox guarantees that unless there is a Norwegian court order, there will no intervention from local or foreign government agencies. The company also states that email are not scanned and data is not shared with third parties without customers’ authorization. They don’t use external tracking cookies to monitor your use of the service.

The strong legal protection that privacy of communication enjoys in Norway, under the Personal Data Act, gives Runbox the perfect framework to ensure the peace of mind of its customers. The Personal Data Act is set to ensure that information is not collected from users without their consent and it also states that data cannot be used for a different purpose than the original for which it was collected, unless there is consent from the user. Runbox follows these and other privacy regulations established in the Personal Data Act. They comply with Norwegian and EU regulations.

If you are wondering if this applies for customers in other countries, Runbox has said that since the data is physically stored in their servers in Norway, it is under Norwegian laws and as such, the privacy of all its customers is protected. The company has decided to keep the data in Norway to ensure that it is covered by the local privacy regulations. If there are requests received from foreign agencies, Runbox rejects it and refers them to Norwegian regulations and entities. It is up to the Norwegian authorities to review the requests and to decide if further investigation is required. Runbox will only disclose information if they receive a Norwegian court order, or if they are required to do so by Norwegian law.

What does Runbox offers in terms of technology?

Runbox uses open source software, which is great since it is less likely to be affected by backdoors since it can be independently reviewed. They run Linux, MySQL, Apache, Exim and Perl. Relying on open source software has allowed Runbox to develop an affordable, safe and flexible platform. This also enables the implementation of strong security features and convenient solutions for customers, including a sophisticated two-step authentication interface and a webmail.

Runbox has worked to set up a solid infrastructure that allows it to offer a service that is reliable, highly secure and practical. All your emails can be managed from one place and you can access them securely using any device, no matter where you are. The email client is designed to offer ease of use and it supports a great set of features, but customers also have the option to use a the web interface, if preferred. Runbox provides services for personal users, as well as businesses. They offer email hosting, web hosting and domain hosting services. Runbox’s goal is to be a comprehensive solution for customers who need email, web and domain services in one place.

Runbox’s Security and Privacy

In order to ensure that your email communications are secure, Runbox applies a high level of encryption, top TLS cipher suites, as well as advanced security features like Extended Validation and Perfect Forward Secrecy. There are also security measures in place to keep your connection secure when you use Runbox’s webmail. You also have greater control over the security of your email account thanks to additional options like Two-Step Verification, One-Time Passwords and more. Runbox provides the tools and the information that will allow their customers to prevent unauthorized access to their emails. In terms of the physical security of your data, it should be noted that their servers are located in the data center that was previously used by the Norwegian Government, which means that it is enjoys the ultimate level of protection.

Environmentally friendly email security

Runbox’s servers are housed in a data center that is completely powered by renewable energy. This ensures that the performance of their servers has a reduced impact on the environment. Norway has the perfect environmental conditions to produce hydroelectric power. The country produces enough hydroelectricity to support almost the totality of its energy consumption. Runbox’s data center is 100% powered by water and wind.

Runbox is determined to offer not only high security, but a service that is environmentally friendly. The company has a strong ethical and environmental commitment to contribute to the improvement of the world. If you are concerned about privacy and about the environment, Runbox is the right choice since it protects your emails with advanced security features and its service is powered by clean energy sources. The right to privacy and climate change are some of the most relevant issues nowadays so it is great to see a company takes them into consideration as part of its core values.


Runbox offers great functionality, reliability and a high level of security for your emails. They are committed to enhance the security of your email communications with a combination of features that protect the data during transmission and storage. Their decision to keep their servers in Norway, a country with strict regulations for privacy, ensures that even customers from other locations can enjoy protection for their personal information. Runbox offers plans for business and personal users, with prices starting at $1.66 per month ($19.95 per year), with 1 GB of email storage and 100 email aliases. Their top solution is called Runbox Max and it offers 15GB of email storage, 25 domains (including and 100 email aliases. Apart from the security and great functionality that Runbox supports, the fact that it offers a “green” service also deserves recognition.

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