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Based in Switzerland, within what once was a military bunker, SecureSafe is a cloud storage service that focuses on offering bank grade security and a strong level of privacy for your data. The provider supports features designed to keep your information protected including secure password manager, double encryption, triple data redundancy and zero-knowledge system. In this review, we will find out more about SecureSafe and what it offers to keep your information available when needed and safe.

How does it work?

The first thing that you will notice about SecureSafe is that it offers a flash-based interface that is very easy to use and that also stands out thanks to its smooth performance. In order to move the data, you just need to drag and drop it. The web client supports all the features that you need and there is a Mail-In feature that scans the emails received on your SafeSecure email address for attachments or images. If there are images or attachments found, it is possible to download them to the File Safe. If there are no attachments, SecureSafe will create a PDF version of the text in the email. The software is compatible with Mac and Windows and thanks to Mail-In, core features such as File Safes, Password Safes and Team Spaces can be accessed. Silver and Gold account users can get a preview of the files before downloading them.

There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS. In addition, SecureSafe supports standard functionality like download, upload and access to data from Mail-In box, Team Space of File Safe. With the mobile apps, you can set up auto-timeout and with the Offline Mode, you can manage passwords, even without an internet connection. The data is kept in File Safe and you can set any cloud storage Safe to sync to any folder on your computer. It is possible to set up new File Safes, Mail-In boxes and Team Spaces using any network or local folder. Settings such as the frequency of the sync updates can be adjusted so you can decide how often you want to sync the data. You can also set the auto-lock Password Safe in multiple frequencies, or ensure that it doesn’t lock automatically at any stage. If you need to invite people to join separate work spaces, you can opt for an additional feature known as Team Space. It allows you to assign different tasks and permissions.


In terms of sharing, SecureSafe gives you the possibility of sharing links to specific files via email. The person you share the files with doesn’t need to have a SecureSafe account to be able to access the link. However, the option to share folders is not available. If you have a free account, the customization options are limited and you can only set an expiration date for the link. On the other hand, Silver and Gold accounts can access multiple options, including the ability to send a separate link access code through a text message. Free accounts can only send 3 active links at a time and Pro accounts can send up to 5. Silver and Gold plans allow users to send an unlimited amount of links simultaneously.

With the Data Inheritance feature, you can keep your data for posterity. This means that in case something happens to you, your family or business partners will be able to access important information such as passwords and PINs. Depending on the plan selected, it is possible to choose up to 20 beneficiaries for your data. The data inheritance process can only be initiated by an Authorized Activator using an activation key given to them by the person who owned the data. Once the key has been used, the beneficiaries will receive activation keys via email or by registered post. Once the process is initiated, the owner of the data is also notified and they can cancel the process in case it shouldn’t have been started.

Another feature worth mentioning is Password Safe, which allows you to protect and manage your passwords. With the free version, it is possible to save a maximum of 50 passwords. As the name suggests, the tool can help you to keep the passwords protected, using end-to-end encryption, which is also used to secure your data. When the password is copied into the clipboard, it is protected and RSA key authentication is used. The password manager has a simple interface and allows you to get easy access to your passwords, while keeping them safe.

Security and Performance

End-to-end military grade 256-bit AES encryption is used during transfer and on the server side to keep the data protected. In order to validate login sessions, 2048-bit RSA tokens are used and they secured with EV SSL certificate. If you have a paid plan, you can also get an additional layer of security with two-factor authentication through the mobile apps. SecureSafe’s zero-knowledge system is supported by the RFC 2945 Secuire Remote Password protocol. The shared RSA keys are implemented using numbers that are randomly generated by the server and client.

Since the cloud storage service is based in Switzerland, you can expect a high level of protection for your privacy since there is solid legislation in place to protect it. One thing to keep in mind is that since all the servers are based in Switzerland, users outside Europe can experience slow performance. In general, the speeds are good, although not impressive. However, if your main concern is security, SecureSafe is a top choice.


There are different options for personal users, including a free plan that offers up to 10 MB of storage space and that lets you keep up to 50 passwords secured. Next is the Pro Plan that is priced at $1.50 USD per month when you pay for a full year. With the Pro plan, you get 1GB of storage and there are no limits in the amount of passwords that can be stored. The Silver plan gives you more storage space (up to 20GB), unlimited Password Safe and additional features. It costs $4 per month when you pay for a full year in advance. The most complete solution is the Gold plan, which provides up to 100 GB of storage space and it gives you the chance to upgrade. You also get unlimited Password Safe and more options to share files. This plan costs $12 per month. There are also plans for Businesses that need support for a single project group or for several work spaces.


SecureSafe offers top security and it is designed to give you a high level of privacy thanks to its zero-knowledge technology. In addition, it applies strong encryption and features like Password Safe, which enhance the protection to your data. SecureSafe also offers a high standard in customer support and paid customers can rely on dedicated assistance. While the speed of the service is only decent and the data sharing and document editing features are limited, SecureSafe is a good choice for people who want an affordable and secure cloud storage solution.

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