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VPN Area is one the #1 top rated services by travelers all over the world. Whether it’s unlocking geo-restricted sites, streaming videos, or securing your traffic they have you covered. Supporting over 47 countries, and all  devices/platforms, rest assured you can easily set up VPN Area for your specific needs. Based in Bulgaria this service has a wide array of servers, support, and most importantly speed. Assuring you the best of performance and security no matter where you may be & how you’ll need to use it.


As far as features goes the first thing to focus on with VPN Area is their server support. High speed servers in over 47 countries including US, EU, Japan and many more. Allowing you change IP’s & unblock restricted sites with ease.

VPN Area supports up to 5 devices per subscription, supporting platforms such as iOS, Linux, Android, OS X, and Windows. All with instant activation when you select your plan. If you choose to subscribe for the 1 year or 6-month plan you get access to dedicated IP option as well.

All of which is encrypted via AES encryption, making sure your traffic/data is secured whenever connecting to a VPN server. This adds a strong layer of anonymity, when browsing abroad, and secures all packets transferred across the network from prying eyes. This could be for simple web browsing, or even torrents, streaming video, and so on.

Most importantly VPN Area makes it a priority to push updates of new features/servers every week. Constantly developing software to better your experience as a user.


Security is a big aspect to VPN Area, supporting blowfish/AES encryption is just the start of their level of protection they offer you as a user. Any of their 47+ servers guarantee complete anonymity when surfing the web & or using any geo-restricted services.

Despite having multiple servers world wide no user data is actually stored on any of them. Assuring you peace of mind & safety when you travel or use certain networks. VPN Area believes in keeping zero activity logs. All servers are log free, the only exception being bandwidth usage is tracked however with unlimited usage being described in the plan we found that to be no issue.

On top of that all users use shared static IP’s in the basic package. This means it’s much more difficult to be singled out on a network when multiple users are using the same IP.

Overall VPN Area believes in security from the sign up process which only requires an e-mail address for the most part which can be spoofed if so desired. Down to the technical end of their servers & encryption support. No matter what it is you’ll be doing either abroad or on your own network with VPN Area they make sure you do it at optimal security & anonymity.


As far as speed goes when it comes to VPN Area they offer top of the line servers to guarantee you the best experience. Using their software you can view which servers in countries have currently little to no users online allowing you get the best connection at any given time. Alternatively some plans offer dedicated IP options automatically giving you the best connection/speeds when tunneling through their VPN.

In certain cases you’ll find VPN Area even increases your speeds. This is achieved through optimizing the best server for you to get your highest download speeds that your current ISP may not be able to offer you. They also make it free to switch from one server to another in a click of the mouse to make sure you have options when it comes to getting the fastest experience.

Speed is nothing without limits & VPN Area guarantees you have absolutely no bandwidth limit making the overall experience that much better. So as far as speed & support goes VPN Area keeps you as a user in best interest. Constantly optimizing & offering you the best servers and solutions to easily get the fastest experience.


VPN Area pricing comes in a 3-tier system. Offering multiple plans depending on length & feature set. All with affordable pricing for month to month plans or up front payments which save you in the long run.

  •  1 Month= $9.90 ($9.90 monthly) Basic plan that includes all features with exception of dedicated IP option
  • 1 Year= $59.00 ($4.95 monthly) Includes all services/features saves you 49% overall
  • 6 Month= $50.00 ($8.35 monthly) Again includes all features just at half the duration of the yearly plan

With the exception of the basic plan the 6-12 month can include a free dedicated/private IP of your choosing US, UK, etc.

Payment can be made via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and even Bitcoin. The best thing about it all is VPN Area keeps pricing & plans simple with no real additional add-on services that cost more. Simple & straightforward pricing.

Customer Service:

VPN Area’s site was clean and responsive. Making it super easy to obtain information & fix any customer related issues. Beyond that their contact form is available 24/7 along with a forum, live chat, and Skype line. That alone really showcased their dedication to customer service. Their FAQ page as well features tons of answers to common questions from setting up the service to compatibility. Their user submitted forum has many topics & support guidelines from the community alone, so wherever you venture your bound to get help from VPN Area’s site.


Overall VPN Area is an amazing VPN service that keeps it simple & efficient. Offering multiple servers for all your needs be it geo-restricted services, safe browsing, etc. While keeping the price plans simple and affordable. Their state of the art protection & equipment make it so you’ll always have the best connection wherever your connecting from. VPN Area unlike other VPN services keeps true to what it is & doesn’t pretend to be more. No extra charges, special features, premium add-ons. All simple & easy to use. If your looking for a reliable VPN service to use to remain safe but maintain speed and performance then VPN Area is definitely worth the checking out.

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