WASEL Pro VPN Review

WASEL Pro is a provider from the Netherlands that focuses on offering a VPN service that fulfills the requirements of users in the Middle East. It promises to help users to defeat online restrictions, protect their privacy and secure their online activities. Since popular websites, apps and VoIP solutions like Skype are blocked in many countries in the Middle East, WASEL Pro can be an effective solution to enjoy online freedom. In addition, the encryption used will prevent others from seeing what you are doing when you are connected to the internet.

Security and Privacy

The protocols supported by Wasel Pro are L2TP, OpenVPN and SSH. OpenVPN is the best option in terms of security, but the other protocols work well when OpenVPN is not an option and they may offer better speeds. Although PPTP is not supported, this is not a downside because this protocol is weak and it is very likely that it was already broken. WASEL Pro offers 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN uses Blowfish, which may not offer the strongest level of security, but it would be enough for most users. You can increase your security by connecting OpenVPN through SSH tunnel to get additional protection. It is also worth mentioning that L2TP uses a public PSK for authentication.

When it comes to privacy, WASEL Pro’s policy claims that no logs are kept at all. They won’t even store timestamps or record the bandwidth used. The terms and conditions mention that Waser Pro operates under Dutch laws, which means that it is not required to hold data. This allows the provider to offer a zero logs policy that ensures that your activities and all the information related to what you do when you use the service remains private. Another advantage of WASEL Pro is that it accepts Bitcoin as method of payment, which is an additional solution to boost your anonymity.


WASEL Pro offers dedicated VPN software for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. The installation is easy and the software is easy to use. You can also setup WASEL Pro manually on other popular platforms such as Windows Phone and Linux. The website offers helpful guides that will allow you to get the VPN running on a variety of devices. To boost the security of your connection, you can establish an OpenVPN connection over SSH. This allows you to enjoy a secure OpenVPN connection that can pass through firewalls without being detected, which makes it ideal for countries like China where VPN traffic is likely to be blocked. Users in Syria, Iran and other locations with strict restrictions, will be able to enjoy online freedom with the help of WASEL Pro.

WASEL Pro’s client focuses on simplicity and while this allows it to keep things easy for users, it also means that there are some features that are not available. For instance, there is no kill switch, which is a pity as this convenient feature prevents your real IP address from being exposed in case the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. It simply shuts down the connection to the internet. Although WASEL Pro has its own DNS servers, DNS leak protection is not included. They have servers in Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Turkey, France and Germany. The speed of the servers tends to vary, but you will be able to browse and stream content without major issues. WASEL Pro allows P2P and it supports up to 6 connections at the same time.


WASEL Pro offers different prices based on the length of the subscription chosen. For one month of service, you pay $9.99 USD and it is possible to reduce the monthly cost by extending the subscription. For three months you pay $27, while six months cost $50 and the price for one year is $90, meaning that the monthly price is reduced to $7.50. Unfortunately, the refund policy is not very clear. In the terms and conditions, they mention that no refunds will be given, but at the same time, there is a paragraph mentioning that refunds are available upon request within 7 days of payment. The methods of payment accepted are cards, PayPal, CASHU, Vouchers and Bitcoin.

Customer Support

There are detailed instructions available to help you to set up the service on a variety of platforms. The website is fairly basic, but you can find information about the service and answers to the most common questions. The customer support team can be contacted via email or live chat. We tried the live chat and were pleasantly surprised by the speed of the response. We received professional and polite customer service that included helpful links with information relevant to our question. WASEL Pro also provides assistance via Facebook.


If you are looking for an easy to use VPN service that allows you to defeat restrictions and increase the protection to your online data, WASEL Pro can be a good choice, particularly if you live in a country that restricts access to certain content. The service offers decent speeds, good security and a zero logs privacy policy. However, the price is expensive considering the limited number of server location and the lack of advanced features.

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