Sony Hack brings serious security talk to Hollywood

One year ago, Sony found emails, personal letters, and even conversations and future movie names leaked due to the entertainment company’s intent to release the dreaded “The Interview” movie that is all about North Korea and how two crazy reporters took down the nation in no time at all. The movie isn’t particularly all that good, in my opinion, but it was enough of a joke for North Korea that some hackers decided to bribe Sony into stopping the movie’s release. The company persisted and released the movie, with even US President Barack Obama hailing it as yet another testimony of the US’s commitment to democracy and freedom of speech.

However, while the movie “The Interview” may not be taken seriously (it’s a comedy with bad acting, lots of “f” bombs and other language, not to mention sex scenes that will gross out even sexually active or married couples), the Sony hack is an event that must be taken seriously – and it is, by Hollywood. Hollywood once viewed super-security persons to be “paranoid” before, but the celebrity industry is now taking a serious look at what can be done to prevent the Sony hack from happening again.

Security company Vera CEO Ajay Arora says that the Sony hack has prompted the celebrity industry to consider themselves as at risk for identity theft and exposure as ordinary persons with little to no status. “I’ve seen this grand awakening in an industry that’s traditionally shunned security technology. Prior to the hack, creative types saw security as friction. It became super personal in terms of the type of information that was stolen. Across the studios, they realized that it could have been any of them,” Arora said.

Arora says that Hollywood is currently in a state of “analysis paralysis” where it knows something must be done but doesn’t know what. What Hollywood does know, however, is that it must do all it can to prevent future security breaches from occurring, such as encrypting all data (whether behind walls or not) and monitoring access to data. In the end, no amount of cybersecurity is 100% fullproof, but every little bit helps.

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Renee Biana

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