Torrent downloads spiked with malware by hackers

Security alarm firm, InfoArmor, has warned that there is a collection of hackers who have been dropping various malware into normally innocent torrent files so that they can infect devices.

Torrent downloads spiked with malware by hackersThe research team at the firm noticed that the cyber attackers were using a tool called RAUM, which according to InfoArmor recently started making appearances on the underground Internet market. The malware was listed as a thing to buy and use, and it is clearly being used to wreck havoc on torrent downloaders.

The malware has been injected into the big and popular torrent websites, and the malware seems to be able to change, twist and turn in accordance with the changes in the popularity of the torrents. It is changing so that it can be a big as nuisance as it can be.

In a blog post, the company highlighted how it had managed to discover the tool which was being used by the cyber attackers to spread the malware onto the popular torrents so that they can be downloaded on many devices.

The post goes on to say that the cyber attackers have been analyzing information available on the internet, such as the audio, software and other digital downloads around the globe. They also created various seeds on some of the famous torrent trackers making use of the weaponized torrents which were packaged with malicious code.

InfoArmor believes that the former group will probably be affected more by the problem. The malicious code has bee active after the cyber attackers researched data on the famous pirating sites such as Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent and much more.

The security firm also noted that the most affected sites by the malware were Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents and Demonoid.

The company also noted that in most cases, the cyber attackers were looking for the compromised accounts of different users which they would use for botnet logs and make could otherwise make use of. They would make downloads and seeds on behalf of the victims unknowingly and thus would increase the reputation and popularity of the torrent.

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