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Best VPN for Destiny 2

Developed by Bungie and Activision, Destiny 2 is an online first person shooter game. This game comes with mythic science fiction theme and with it being online means it relies on game servers. Hence, when playing Destiny 2, you might encounter buffering and lags. Do not be frustrated as this problem could be solved by the use of a VPN. Through a VPN, you will also be able to protect your device from DDoS attacks.

What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 as mentioned above is an online first person shooter game and is a player vs player, player vs environment type of game. In this game, there are different characters and roles you could use.

The game comes with amazing graphics as well which makes this game very interesting to play. Unfortunately, with a lot of gamers trying to access and play this game, a lot of lag issues are being experienced which is a bit frustrating. However, good news is through a VPN, this issue could be easily solved. In addition to that, you could also protect yourself from Denial of Service attacks and ISP throttles.

Choosing the Best VPN for Destiny 2

Choosing the best VPN for Destiny2 is a daunting and confusing task and we highly understand that. Hence, to make it easier and help you make a sound decision, we have listed a few things that you could consider when choosing the best VPN that will suit Destiny 2.

  1. Comes with fast servers.
  2. Has the ability to get around firewalls and unblock geo-restricted content.
  3. Has huge stable server network which ensures the subscribers will not experience any user disconnections.
  4. Has strong military grade encryption which will protect your connection while you play Destiny 2
  5. Implements and maintains strict no logs policies.
  6. Offers multi-platform apps that could work in various devices.

Best VPN Services for Destiny 2

1. ExpressVPN

Partnered with MediaStreamer, Smart DNS service, ExpressVPN brings top of the notch services and features. It has the ability to unblock geo-restricted content including live sports events. It also could encrypt your connection and with it being based in British Virgin Islands provides advantage of being outside the 5 eyes and 14 eyes countries. In addition to that, ExpressVPN implements and maintains no logs policy which means they do not record your browsing history or you online activities.

ExpressVPN also comes with high server network service which goes beyond the United States. This means, they could protect their users’ privacy better. They could also unblock censorship and provide the ability to watch streaming services anywhere around the world.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN is compatible with most devices and operating systems like Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. They also allow their users to connect 3 devices simultaneously and install ExpressVPN extension for Firefox and Chrome.

2. NordVPN

For those who prefers to use a VPN that is headquartered in the US, NordVPN is your best bet. They are based in Panama and has a huge strong presence in the United States. Hence, NordVPN subscribers have full access to NordVPN’s network in the United States and all over the world for a good price.

As mentioned above, NordVPN provides full access of their network and custom software to their clients. They also have an easy to use mobile app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Its browser extension could be applied to Safari, Firefox and Chrome. As from security and privacy features, NordVPN offers double VPN, dedicated IP and P2P servers.

Through NordVPN, you will also be able to stream your favorite shows from Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and Netflix from anywhere in the world. Subscribe to NordVPN and get unlimited VPN and SmartDNS service.

3. Private Internet Access

PIA comes with numerous servers located in about 29 countries. They have very fast connection speed and their connection is proven to be stable. This makes them very popular to torrent users and gamers as well. They offer you the option to be able to customize your speed and privacy levels which makes this VPN service provider very unique. They also offer a kill switch feature which ensures your connection is secured and kept private even when your connection drops.

PIA offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case their services do not satisfy your expectations and needs.

4. CyberGhost

Founded in Romania, CyberGhost cannot be stopped in expanding its team and its services. They have numerous server locations and ensures its users of military grade strong encryption feature that will make sure your connection is well secured and protected. It also has the ability to unblock popular steaming sites such as YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, Netflix and many more. In addition to that, they also provide their subscribers the option to be able to surf the net anonymously, protect WiFi connection, unblock basic websites such as Facebook and Instagram and torrent anonymously.

CyberGhost is easy to use and is a good option to use for Destiny 2.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is well-known for its fast connection service and its ability to work almost everywhere. They have servers all over the world including the United States. In fact, they have servers in all continents other Antarctica.

IPVanish is perfect tool that could be used for playing online games like Destiny 2. Unfortunately, the downside of IPVanish is it could be hit and miss when it comes to unblocking popular streaming sites. Though that is the case, IPVanish is difficult to beat and is an amazing VPN for playing online games.

IPVanish is compatible with popular operating system such as iOS, Mac, Windows, Kodi, Android and Amazon Firestick. They also offer 7-day money back guarantee in case their services do not satisfy your expectations and needs.


Destiny 2 is one of the most amazing online games and through the use of a VPN, not only you will get an amazing gaming experience but also you could be assured that you will be protected from DDoS attacks and will experience less lags, lower your ping and provide you the ability to unblock geo-restricted sites. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to one of the best VPNs we have featured in this article and enjoy playing Destiny 2 without any worries.

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