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VPN Routers:- How to find the best VPN router for your needs

vpnroutersWiFi networks are the heart and soul of your home and office online activities. They are crucial for communication, business, education and of course, entertainment. In order to be able to use WiFi securely, a good router is a must. This is an essential device to connect to the internet, but the thing is that it can be very difficult to choose the right option and even to know where to buy one. Thankfully, online shopping saves us the hassle of having to leave home and spend hours visiting shops trying to find a router. There are many options when it comes to routers, but if you want to secure your online traffic and defeat censorship and geographical blocks, running a VPN on your router is a must.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all routers are ready to run a VPN service. You need to find a device that has been flashed or upgraded with firmware such as DD-WRT, Tomato or OpenWRT. Websites like, offer a wide range of devices from recognized brands such as Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, Asus and D-Link. Getting a router that is already flashed saves you a lot of time and effort since you won’t have to carry out the process by yourself, which can be a bit complicated and even risky, if you don’t know what you are doing.

The websites we mentioned offer routers that have been already flashed with the firmware that will allow you to configure a VPN service, but that is not all. They even sell routers that have been pre-configured with a VPN (there are different providers available), which makes things even easier for you. Although getting a flashed, pre-configured router can be more expensive than completing the process on your own standard router, it is a more convenient solution. Plus, these websites offer affordable solutions and special discounts that give you the chance to get the routers for incredible prices.

What are the main VPN providers that work with leading websites like is not the only website of its kind, but it is one of the best ones so we will focus on what it has to offer. Apart from allowing you to get a router that is ready to run a VPN, gives you the chance to select the provider that you want to use. They have partnered with some well-established names in the VPN industry to offer routers that have been already configured and that will allow you to enjoy a safer and more versatile browsing, streaming or downloading experience at home or at work. You can choose a router that is comes with a VPN service pre-installed and there are different options available including Windscribe, SaferVPN, IVPN, My Private Network and VPNLand. They offer a variety of features that will help you to defeat censorship and geographical blocks. You will also find services that provide a strong level of security and that keep your privacy protected, it is just a matter of selecting the VPN that your prefer, and pick a router that comes configured with that service.

Payment methods

Once you have selected the router that you want to get, the next step is to pay for it and you will be glad to know that VPN routers supports a variety of payment methods. You can use credit cards, WebMoney and PayPal, as well as Bitcoins, which are a very popular option nowadays. In addition, the delivery system is designed to make things simple and ensure that you receive your device without issues. VPN routers is based in Toronro, Canada and from there, the company is ready to ship its routers all over the world. The delivery is fast, reliable and affordable. In fact, if you spend $599 or more, you won’t be charged for the delivery.

Customer Support

Before making any purchase, it is important to make sure that you are getting a product or service that suits your specific needs. You probably have many many questions so you need a team of experts that can answer them. understands the importance of high quality customer support and it delivers dedicated assistance for an additional fee, as well as detailed guides. The premium support is available as an annual plan, or you can pay for individual tickets. What makes it worth considering is the fact that it includes remote support sessions, wireless customization, advanced VPN customization and WiFi network setup. In addition, you get assistance via email, basic VPN integration and basic internet setup.

What makes stand out from its competitors?

We mentioned before that is not the only website that sells pre-configured routers, but it is one of the leading options. The reason for that is that it has a team with over a decade of experience in security and networking services. The website strives to offer customers high quality products and it also aims to help them to stay up to date with the latest products. You can easily find information and instructions that will take you through every step of the process, from the purchase, to the setup and of course, you will be able to get the most out of your routers. An important advantage of choosing is that it is more affordable than its competitors. They are regularly adding new names to their list of supported VPN and routers manufacturers. VPNrouters is also working to deliver specialized VPN routers to suit business needs. Last, but not least, prides itself of offering excellent customer service. The company is focused on providing professional support and top quality products to make your experience highly enjoyable.

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