Zuckerberg hacked on three different social media platforms

Founder of social media network giant, Mark Zuckerberg has all the expertise in the world about creating code and companies, but that doesn’t mean he is immune to a hacking here and there. The Facebook CEO recently discovered that his Twitter and the Pinterest account had both been hacked, and it also seems possible that his Instagram account might have also been hacked.

Zuckerberg hacked on three different social media platformsZuckerberg’s Twitter account had a message on it which read, “Hey @finkd, you were in LinkedIn Database with the password ‘dadada’!” His Pinterest page had a message which notified his followers which group was responsible for the hack with the message reading, “Hacked by OurMine Team.” The group also earlier sent a message on Twitter, which read, “Just Testing Your Security” but later deleted the tweet. The group’s Twitter page has been suspended.

The group also claimed to have gotten ahold of Zuckerberg’s Instagram account but as of yet there has been no indication that that might have been the case.

The most probable reason for the hack is that the group got Zuckerberg’s password ‘dadada’ from the leaked LinkedIn pages that were circulating last week. LinkedIn was massively hacked a few years back, and the details surfaced late last month. About 164 million users’ data was stolen from the LinkedIn servers.

The hack was presumed to have been done by a Russian hacker named Peace, who was also rumored to have been involved in the hack of MySpace and Tumblr. He stole around 360 million passwords from MySpace and according to various news agencies the hack is believed to be one of the largest password leaks known to man.

OurMine hacking group has been targeting high profile Twitter accounts apparently in a bid to notify them of the security flaws present on their accounts. The group has bragged of hacking into Bill Gates Twitter account before.

The hackers also got into Katy Perry’s account, which has more than 89 million Twitter followers. The hacker responsible used the N word on her profile and attacked homosexuals. The hacker also released a new Katy Perry song titled “Witness 1.3”. The hacker put in their two cents between Perry and Taylor Swift’s rivalry. Swift alleges that Katy Perry stole her backup dancers back in 2013.

Apparently the hacker involved is based in Romania and managed to gain about 800 new followers. After hacking into Perry’s account, the hacker also tweeted with a hashtag, #hackersgonnahack which is thought to be a reference to Taylor Swift’s song, Shake It Off. Other analysts claimed that they believed Katy Perry had hacked her own account.

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