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Web browsers are regularly being updated to add new features that allow users to enjoy the ever increasing amount of content available on the internet. In order to manage a huge selection of data from your favorite websites and make sure that you can access what you want easily and fast, you need to use bookmarks. They are essential not only for book lovers, but also for internet users thanks to the fact that they make things simple when it comes to handling online information. If you come across something that interests you and don’t want to lose the data, the best option is to use a bookmark. The functionality of bookmarks has evolved throughout the years and nowadays, it is possible to find standalone mobile apps. Although there are convenient browser extensions, most of them fail to organize bookmarks in an efficient way. That is why a bookmark manager is the right choice to take control over your bookmarked webpages and here you will find the best options.


Delicious has been available for quite a long time and it is a simple option that supports the most popular browsers. There are extensions, as well as a web interface that allows you to save the link, share it and more. After registering, you will be able to manage your saved bookmarks easily. Delicious lets you add tags, comments and decide if you want to keep the bookmarks private or make them public. You can also share them on Facebook or Twitter. Apart from working as a bookmark manager, Delicious offers social features so you can follow other users and find out what interesting links they share. You can also set up subscriptions to subjects and groups to get updates that truly interest you. Delicious is a social bookmaker manager that gives you easy access to information that matters to you.


Pocket supports multiple platforms and devices and it offers an effective solution to manage bookmarks. You can choose how you want to use it, be it as a mobile app, a web browser extension or you can opt for the web based interface. Pocket supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. By selecting Pocket’s “Tick icon”, you will be able to save links automatically to your profile. It is also possible to add tags to individual links in order to find them easily, whenever you need them. You can also send an email to Pocket’s service with the link that you wish to save. The web based interface includes all the bookmarked pages, as well as articles, images, videos and everything else. With Pocket you can manage your bookmarks anywhere since it works on Mac, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry and other platforms.

Xmarks Bookmark Sync

Xmarks is another reliable option to manage your bookmarks and it allows you to sync them across multiple web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. You just need to install the extension for the browser you want to use and press the Xmarks icon in the taskbar to get all your passwords (via LastPass) and bookmarks synced to your Xmarks account. They will be available in all the browsers you use. There is a web-based interface that gives you access to an overview of all of your saved bookmarks and passwords. You can also share individual folders of bookmark collection to other users. In addition, Xmarks allows you to duplicate bookmarks, export and restore them and much more. If you use different browsers, Xmarks is the most convenient solution as it lets you sync data between them, without any hassle.


Diigo gives you flexibility and it is a feature-rich option to save and manage the information that interests you. With Diigo it is possible to add notes to your bookmarks and you can highlight important content to find it faster. You can also save webpages to read them at a later stage, or take screenshots of them. The webpages are saved to the archive, meaning that you won’t need to worry about broken links. It is also possible to add links to your profile by sending them via email to a specific email address. The exporting and importing functionality is easy to use. Diigo offers web browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. There are also mobile apps for iOS and Android. The social features let you find out new links and content shared by other users and you can also groups that interest you.

Google Chrome

Google Bookmarks is a cloud-based bookmark manager that works independently from the default solution that you can find on the likes of Chrome and Firefox. Google Bookmarks is available as a browser extension for the previously mentioned browsers and it adds a webpage to your Google Bookmarks account and stores it on a cloud server. You can easily add webpages with Labels and Notes to them to save it straight to your Google Bookmarks cloud account. The bookmarks saves can be accessed from your own Google Bookmarks account, giving you the possibility of accessing the links, editing labels, adding notes and more. The webpages that you bookmark are kept on Google Cloud services and are not synced with your browser bookmarks. It is a practical solution if you want to store your bookmarks on the cloud, using Google.

iCloud Bookmarks

Apple users can rely on iCloud bookmark to sync their saved data across all their registered devices. The extension allows you to integrate your bookmarks without hassle on all your devices. It is mainly focused on allowing you to sync and backup videos, music and documents, but the extension also offers the chance of syncing all your bookmarks over a variety of devices. You can also combine the bookmarks that you have saved on Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, with the ones from Safari on multiple Apple devices. With iCloud bookmarks you can sync between bookmarks saved on Windows and those on Apple’s platforms. It is a practical solution to manage bookmarks from different web browsers.

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