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One of the most frustrating experiences for internet users is to come across blocks that prevent them from accessing certain content. Thankfully there are solutions that are designed to help us to browse the internet freely and to defeat the blocks imposed due to censorship or geo-location issues. One of the most popular options to bypass online restrictions is using a proxy.

Although this technique is not always effective and it doesn’t provide strong security or privacy for your data, it can help you to access content that is not available in your location. A proxy is an anonymity tool that disguises your IP address and that works as an intermediary for the requests received. With a proxy, it is possible to access regular internet content without using additional software.

When you use a proxy, the IP address assigned by your ISP is covered, meaning that your real location is not exposed. You can appear as if you were in a different region, which can give you access to more content. Your web traffic is routed from the proxy server and your real IP address is masked. With a proxy, it is possible to obtain an IP address from a different country, according to the server selected. Even in countries where the internet is not heavily censored, it is possible to come across restrictions that can affect your online browsing.

For instance, you may be at school or at work and your network admins may not allow access to certain websites. This is another case in which using a proxy can be the answer. That can also be said when it comes to websites and services that are subject to geographical restrictions. Some content is only available in specific countries due to licensing agreements and other issues, but if you use a proxy server, you may be able to overcome these blocks.

Are proxies really effective?

Using a proxy may be a popular method to bypass restrictions but that doesn’t mean that it works all the time. While your IP address is masked and it is not exposed to the websites and services that you visit, that doesn’t mean that all your traffic is protected. In fact, your ISP and other parties can still track your activities. Unlike VPNs that add encryption to your online traffic, preventing others from seeing what you do, a proxy can’t stop others from finding out what applications you use or what is discussed in your emails and online chats.

Another thing to consider is that proxies can be easily blocked and it is likely that they won’t work when you want to access geo-restricted content from popular streaming apps. If you want a comprehensive solution to get around blocks and enjoy online security, you would be better off with a VPN. However, if you just want to unblock a website that is not available in your location, a free proxy may be a convenient choice. Below you will find a list of the best free proxies available.


This is the free proxy solution offered by Malaysian based provider Hide.me. It is efficient, easy to use and it has a simple interface that allows you to enter any website and unblock content within seconds. Hide.me stands out thanks to the fact that it is very fast and unlike other options, it won’t spam you with advertisement. You can connect to servers in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. It is also possible to choose options like encrypting URLs and enabling or disabling cookies.

Hidester proxy

This is a reliable way to unblock websites that are not available in your location. There are two servers to choose from, one in the United States (optimized for China) and one in Europe. Connecting to these servers allows you to change your IP address to access websites and to mask your location. It is also possible to encrypt the URL, enable/disable cookies or allow scripts. Since it has SSL support, it is a solution that adds safety to your browsing.


This free proxy has been available for two decades and it is designed to help you to defeat censorship so that you can access the content that you want. Anonymouse has a focus on privacy protection and while it’s interface is very simple, it works with a variety of websites. There are are two languages supported: English and German and while the service can be used for free, it is also possible to upgrade to a paid solution that offers more features and better protection.


This is another good solution to bypass restrictions and hide your real IP address. It aims to offer a fast way to unblock content and it offers a large selection of server in multiple locations, giving you more options to access the content that you want. It is possible to connect to servers in France, United States, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom and more. In addition, you can perform a ping test that will allow you to check the response time of the website accessed or of your internet connection.

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