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download comicsComic lovers get spoiled with a variety of events and movie releases every year. However, in spite of the big Hollywood productions based on comics, fans remain loyal to the original source. The classics are still very popular and even less known creations are getting attention thanks to the power of the internet. There is something for everyone, from Alan Moore’s complex and critically acclaimed stories, to classic superhero comics that are are guaranteed to please most readers. Many devoted readers love to discover new comics, but collecting them can be an expensive hobby. As you can imagine, Torrent sites offer the possibility of accessing a wide selection of content that goes beyond movies and songs. You can also find DC and Marvel comics, including legendary titles such as the Spiderman, Batman, Superman comics and new titles.

While some of the most recognized Torrent sites are no longer available, there are still good options to find comics. Apart from finding comics that have reached the mainstream, you will be able to find some obscure ones that could become your new favorites. There are different genres available and thousands of options available. Ideally, as a comic fan you should consider purchasing the comics, but while we don’t encourage piracy, if you opt for using torrent sites, it is important to take measures to avoid becoming a target for copyright enforcers. A VPN can keep your privacy protected and ensure that your identity remains concealed while you use torrent sites. Below, you will find a lots of the best Torrent sites to find comics.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has gone through a lot since it was created in 2003, but the website still stands and it is the leading torrent option currently available. After KickAss and Torrentz.eu were shut down, TPB is the main source for torrents and it offers thousands of comics in a variety of genres. The interface of the website is simple and allows you to find what you are looking for without any hassle. The content is organized alphabetically and according to file size for convenience.


While Yourbittorrent is a relatively unknown option, it has been around for over a decade, although it has changed its original name, Mybittorrent. The webiste offers a good list of torrents that will appeal fans of different genres. Yourbittorrent is easy to browse and it delivers results very fast. Comic fans can find popular titles and discover new options.


TorrentProject is another good alternative for the likes of Torrentz.eu and it delivers fast, precise results. The library is easy to browse and marvel comic fans will be able to find great content to download. The website supports features that aim to make your downloading experience more efficient and TorrentProject even offers self-produced content.


This torrent website was founded in 2007 and it is still offering access to an extensive library of content. There are thousands of options available and you can find them easily thanks to the sleek, easy to use search option. You can expect to find some of the most popular comics and new releases available on 1337x. Downloading is simple thanks to the good design that this site features.


Here is another straightforward website to find comics in different categories. The way in which the comic book torrents are organized will make your search simple. In fact, you can look for comics of a particular superhero. If you a huge fan of a specific series, TorrentDownloads will help you to find the options available within seconds. It is a comprehensive site that grants you access to a vast collection of comic torrents and much more.


Torrent sites are a convenient solution for people who can’t have enough of comics, but who cant’t afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying them. Just keep in mind that in order to avoid receiving DMCA notices, using a VPN while downloading content from torrent sites is a must. There are many reliable services available, just make sure that the one you chose doesn’t keep logs and supports torrenting.

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