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Best VPN for Lawyers

Lawyers manage a great deal of important information and a lot of it is highly sensitive. It is likely that you often need to take work home and even take a look at a case while you are on the go. Since technology allows us to keep files in a digital form, you probably have all the information you need on your computer and possibly, mobile devices. Ensuring that data such as court documents, evidence and client information remains protected at all times, is crucial. If this information falls in the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating. Technology can make things simple in many ways, but it also poses some risks that you need to be aware of. While internet offers many possibilities for Lawyers and other professionals, it is important to keep in mind that online security and privacy are under threat.

Over the years, hackers have managed to take their game to the next level, with advanced techniques and sophisticated technology that can affect even the most cautious users. They have come up with new ways to get access to our data in order to use it for their own benefit. In terms of privacy, things are not better. We are now aware of the surveillance programs implemented by government agencies around the world. The situation in the United States is one of the most troublesome ones, given the power that agencies like the NSA and the FBI enjoy. Large corporations are forced to (or they willingly) cooperate with intelligence agencies and part of this collaboration is to offer access to users’ data. ISPs also monitor our information and in some cases, they even sell it to other parties.

How to protect yourself

There are many risks to consider and lawyers need to be particularly careful as they handle sensitive data that could have a significant impact on the outcome of a case. Avoiding the negative consequences of having the information stolen or accessed by third parties, and the severe implications that it could have for your practice is a priority. You need to take the necessary measures to protect your client’s and your own information. The solution is to use a VPN service, a technology designed to prevent that the security and privacy of your online traffic are compromised. A VPN established a secure tunnel to transfer your information. In addition, it allows you to navigate the internet anonymously as it masks your identity and location. It is a tool that offers security and privacy, as well as flexibility when you browse the internet.

If you use a public WiFi hotspot in a café or hotel for example, your online data is particularly vulnerable. Public networks are usually unsecured, which means that others can break into your connection and access critical information, including your passwords and login details. If someone gets access to your online activities, important information about your clients and cases, could end up being exposed. Thankfully, a VPN adds a strong layer of protection, even when you are using public WiFi hotspots. This is because a VPN encrypts all your online traffic, which prevents others from seeing what you do online. Encryption scrambles the data, making it impossible for others to read.

Additional benefits of using a VPN

A VPN disguises your location and lets you appear as if you were somewhere else. This is a feature that prevents others from tracking you and at the same time, it gives you flexibility to access content that is subject to geographical restrictions. You can connect to a server in a different country and unblock websites, apps and services that are not available in your location. This allows you to access more information that can be helpful for your work, or to enjoy some time off with a wider variety of streaming services and content. Overall, a VPN is a great solution to defend yourself against cyber attacks, protect confidential client information, keep your online activities private and prevent your passwords and other data from being stolen. You can also enhance your anonymity and defeat restrictions to get a more versatile online experience.

Here is a list of the VPN services that we recommend for lawyers.


Fast, highly secure and reliable, ExpressVPN is one of the leaders in the VPN industry and it deserves to be recognized as a top choice for lawyers. It protects your data with high encryption and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. This gives you security and ensures that your privacy remains protected. ExpressVPN has excellent apps for all major platforms. It has servers in over 90 countries and the customer support is available 24/7.


NordVPN is focused on privacy and security, which makes it an ideal solution for lawyers and anyone who wishes to keep their information protected. NordVPN is based in Panama, which allows it to be a zero logs provider, as it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws. NordVPN offers access to servers in over 50 countries and it supports advanced features to defend your internet traffic from eavesdroppers, hackers and other threats.


VPNArea supports features like anti-DNS leaks protection, anti-IPv6 leaks protection and anti-WebRTC, which is an issue that affects some browsers and that can result in your real IP address being exposed. VPNArea has servers in more than 60 countries and it doesn’t keep log of your online activities. It also offers great speeds and thanks to its ad blocker feature, you won’t need to worry about annoying ads and with VPNArea’s DNS servers you will be able to prevent your ISP from tracking you.


IPVanish is also a popular name in the VPN industry and it is recognized for the speed and high quality of its service. With IPvanish, you can bypass the blocks that prevent you from accessing websites and any content that you need for work, or that you want to stream when you are resting after a hard day at work. IPVanish doesn’t keep logs and it offers a high level of encryption to keep your data protected from any threats including hackers, cyber criminals and spies.

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