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Best VPN to Bypass Net Nanny

bypass net nannyNowadays children become familiar with technology from a very young age and they are likely to use computers and mobile devices on a regular basis. The internet can be a great tool for learning, but it is also filled with content that is not appropriate for children. That is why there are solutions like Net Nanny, that help parents to protect their kids from websites, videos and anything else that could be unsuitable and even potentially harmful for them. Net Nanny has been in the market for over 20 years and it is one of the most popular parental control solutions available. It offers a great selection of features that make it possible to block applications and websites that may contain material that is not appropriate for children.

Net Nanny filters websites that have questionable content and parents can rely on it to prevent their kids from accessing pornography, chat rooms that focus on dangerous subjects and more. Not only parents use Net Nanny as the software is also popular among companies who want to ensure that their employers focus on their tasks. When Net Nanny is implemented, it is not possible to access certain websites. While the software was created with safety in mind and its main purpose is to ensure a safe online experience for kids, it may also prevent access to content that is harmful. In schools and work places that use Net Nanny, online gaming and entertaining websites are likely to be affected. In addition, it is possible that some of the websites blocked are actually needed for your work and studies and they may have been blocked by mistake.

Trying to access content that you need for legitimate reasons and coming across blocks can be frustrating. This is why many people look for ways to bypass Net Nanny. Of course, you may also want to play games or access websites like Facebook and YouTube without dealing with restrictions while you are in school or at work. It is important to keep in mind that in that case, the blocks are in place to ensure that you don’t get distracted and there may be policies against bypassing them. However, it is also understandable that when you are in your break, you want to take some time off and play a game or watch some videos. One of the most effective solutions to get around Net Nanny is using a VPN and here we will tell you which are the best options available.

How can a VPN help you to bypass Net Nanny?

A VPN gives you the possibility of connecting to servers around the world that disguise your location and IP address. Once you sign up for a VPN and run the software on your device, you will get access to a network of servers. Once you connect to a VPN server, Net Nanny won’t be able to stop you from accessing the content that you want. VPNs also use encryption, which means that your online activities will be secured against eavesdroppers. If others try to find out what websites you visit, what videos you watch or anything else, all they would see is scrambled data that doesn’t make any sense. This is why a VPN is an effective privacy tool.

Although VPNs can slow down the speed of your connection due to the encryption applied, there are high quality services that allow you to stream videos, play games and more, without experiencing significant delays. With a VPN you get security, as well as the chance to defeat the restrictions that prevent you from browsing the web freely. There are many VPN providers available, but not all of them are worth considering. In this list, you will find the best VPN services to bypass Net Nanny securely and effectively.

ExpressVPN ( Check Prices or Read Review )

ExpressVPN is one of the top solutions in the VPN industry and it is known for the high quality of its software, as well as the amazing speeds of the service. It has servers in over 90 countries and you can enjoy fast and efficient performance from any location. ExpressVPN protects your connection with strong encryption and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. It is a great option to bypass Net Nanny and enjoy online freedom.

PureVPN ( Check Prices or Read Review )

PureVPN stands out thanks to the impressive global coverage that it offers. You can connect to hundreds of servers in 141 countries. In addition, PureVPN is recognized for using high encryption to keep your internet traffic safe. The provider also offers convenient features that will allow you to have more control over your connection, such as split tunneling. The speed of the service is also satisfactory so you won’t have issues streaming content or playing games.

NordVPN ( Check Prices or Read Review )

NordVPN is trusted by privacy concerned users thanks to the advanced security options available and the fact that there are no logs kept. NordVPN is a zero logs provider and since it is based in Panama, it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws and it is far from the NSA jurisdiction. NordVPN also supports options like Double VPN, if you want to take security to the next level. There are servers in over 60 countries and you can bypass Net Nanny without issues.

Private Internet Access ( Check Prices or Read Review )

PIA is one of the most affordable options available, but the low price is not the only reason to consider this provider. The service is easy to use and it offers all the necessary features to enjoy a versatile and secure online experience. PIA has over 3200 servers in 25 countries so you can always find an option to get around Net Nanny and access the websites you want.

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