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Tapjoy VPNTapjoy is an advertising network launched a decade ago and it gives you the possibility of discovering new apps and earning great rewards at the same time. Tapjoy relies on users’ demand for new entertainment options, and it gives developers a way to share their creations with millions of users who are part of this platform. Tapjoy allows advertisers and developers to promote their apps and products, while consumers can try new apps without they are officially released. As a user, you get the chance to use apps before they become widely available, and you can even get rewarded for it.

Developers can offer their apps through Tapjoy’s advertising network and those who try the app will get access to offers. When you click on offers and ads that you are interested in, you get the possibility of getting access to premium content within the app they are testing, or rewards for your favorite games. There are different types of apps available, including games and by watching the ads and clicking the offers that Tapjoy presents, you can get great extras that will improve your playing experience. The main advantage of Tapjoy for users who try the apps is that it lets them test new apps for free, without spamming them with ads that are not even relevant to them.

Tapjoy aims to offer a win-win situation for all the parts involved. It is a practical solution for app developers who need to get exposure for their products. Advertisers only pay for the ads that lead to the action that they expect consumers to complete, be it download an app or make a purchase. Finally, users get the chance to earn rewards just by completing some tasks, or what Tapjoy calls “offers”. When you complete an offer (meaning that you watched an ad, or completed other action) you will be eligible for a reward, which can be virtual currency for a game. The catch is that it is only possible to get rewards for an offer once and the availability of the offers is limited in some markets.

Why do you need a VPN for Tapjoy?

In order to be able to get access to a wider range of offers, including the possibility of watching ads in other regions to get more rewards, a VPN is a convenient tool that should be considered. Some of the best offers are limited to markets like Australia, United States, Japan and Canada, but even if you live outside these countries, you will be able to access the offers available there with the help of a VPN. You can connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice to change your IP address and appear as if you were located there.

While it should be noted that the use of a VPN may go against Tapjoy’s terms of service, if you decide to use this security tool, there are added benefits. Apart from being able to check offers across different locations, bypass restrictions or a suspension imposed on your account, a VPN will keep your online traffic protected from eavesdroppers, hackers and anyone who tries to get unauthorized access to your data. Your activities will remain private and your personal information will be covered with an additional security layer. Here is a list of the most convenient VPN services for Tapjoy.

Private Internet Access

PIA is simple, affordable and secure, which is why it is one of the leading solutions in the VPN industry. The service is easy to use and provides access to more than 3200 servers across 24 countries. The global coverage may not be as extensive as what other providers offer, but that won’t have a significant impact on your experience with PIA. They have servers in all the countries that have the best offers in Tapjoy, plus the high level of encryption that PIA uses, will help you to keep your privacy protected.


NordVPN enjoys a solid reputation as one of the best options to keep your online privacy protected. Since they are based in Panama (outside the jurisdiction of the NSA and similar organizations) and that they have a zero logs policy, you can enjoy a secure and truly private online experience. NordVPN has servers in more than 50 countries and it provides great speeds. You will be able to bypass restrictions and get access to more offers to earn rewards on Tapjoy.


VyprVPnis a great option to bypass blocks and access content that is only available outside your location. They have an exclusive feature called Chameleon, which is designed to keep your VPN traffic covered, helping you to bypass firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection. You will be able to defeat restrictions and enjoy access to a larger selection of offers to improve your experience on Tapjoy. They have servers in over 50 countries and the speeds of the service are very good.


From the beginning, AirVPN has been committed to offer a secure option to allow users to browser internet without worrying about third-parties intercepting their online traffic. This VPN provider was established by a team of hacktivists, privacy advocates and other individuals who wanted to do something to help people around the world to reclaim their online freedom. While AirVPN has servers in less than 20 countries, it covers key locations that will help you to get more chances to access offers on Tapjoy.

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