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There are crucial features that can significantly enhance your experience with a VPN. One of them is a VPN Kill Switch (also known as Internet Kill Switch), a practical tool that is designed to keep your real IP address protected, no matter what. If you use a provider that includes a Kill Switch as part of its service, even if your VPN connection suddenly drops for any reason, your real IP address will remain protected. In the event of a failure in your VPN connection, the kill switch will shut down your entire internet traffic (or only certain applications) to prevent your real IP address from being exposed.

In some cases, you can set the specific programs that should be blocked in case of a dropped VPN connection. The main idea is that your IP address, along with your location and identity are not accidentally leaked, if the VPN connection stops working. Getting a VPN service that includes a kill switch is particularly important if you are a torrent user. Anonymity is the main goal for torrent client users when they rely on a VPN, and with a kill switch you can have peace of mind knowing that your IP address won’t be available to those who monitor the torrent swarm.

How does the VPN kill switch work?

When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address is disguised and if anyone tries to find out your IP, they would only see the IP address of the VPN you are connecting to. If you disconnect from the VPN server, your real IP address will be available for others to see. The kill switch feature is included in the software offered by the VPN provider and once it is enabled, it will keep your IP address from being exposed, even if your connection to the VPN server drops. Without a kill switch, your computer connects automatically to the internet using your standard (ISP) connection, leaving your true IP address and location exposed.

The kill switch is continuously monitoring changes in your IP address or in the status of your online connection. If a change is detected, for instance when you get disconnected from the VPN server, the kill switch will prevent your computer from connecting to the internet until the connection to the VPN is restored, or you close the VPN client. It works very quickly, blocking your connection to the internet, or the pre-set applications instantly. In this way, it can prevent that the protocols and applications you use online can access your real IP address. Many VPN providers that offer a kill switch feature, also include and option that automatically reconnects you to the VPN, if a drop has taken place.

Aside from looking for a VPN with kill switch technology, it is important that you check the logging policies of the provider you are considering. If you want to protect your identity and privacy while torrenting, choosing a VPN that doesn’t keep logs of your online activities is essential. Although VPN services may use different terms to refer to kill switch technology, the functionality of the tool is the same. It focuses on adding protection for your real IP address in case of a failure in the VPN connection. To help you make things easier when searching for a VPN with Kill switch, we have prepared this list with the best options available. These providers take your privacy seriously and won’t keep logs of what you do on the internet.


ExpressVPN is a prominent name in the VPN industry and its reputation as one of the best options available is well deserved. Their network of servers covers 94 countries and the speed of the vpn service is loved by avid gamers, streamers and torrent downloaders. They offer a high level of protection to keep your data safe and your privacy intact. No activity logs are kept, which means that the websites you visit, your emails, IM conversations and in general, the content that you access, won’t be monitored. The Network Lock kill switch feature will prevent your network traffic from accessing the internet without being protected. It blocks internet access so that your network traffic is not exposed to others.

Private Internet Access

The popularity of PIA is justified. Not only they offer a very affordable price, but also include all the necessary features to protect your online traffic effectively, and to enjoy flexibility on the internet. When you pay in advance for a full year of Private Internet Access, the monthly cost is just $3.33 per month. This is great value for money, specially considering all the advantages that PIA provides. They offer high encryption to keep your data protected and they don’t log your online activities. In addition, PIA’s software (Mac and Windows) has a built-in VPN kill switch. If your VPN connection disconnects, your internet access will be blocked.


TorGuard is another VPN service that supports a kill switch functionality that will keep your identity safe, even if the connection to the VPN suddenly fails. The TorGuard killswitch app is a simple solution that will prevent programs from routing through your actual IP address. It blocks specific applications such as BitTorrent clients and it can be easily accessed in the TorGuard app. It is also possible to protect yourself from accidental leaks by setting up a killswitch that shuts down your entire internet traffic. TorGuard has servers in over 50 countries and it doesn’t keep logs.


NordVPN is one of the most complete VPN solutions in terms of security. It provides strong encryption and features that allow you to enhance the protection to your online traffic. The double encryption and Tor over VPN options will give you the possibility of taking things to the next level when it comes to protecting your internet traffic. In addition, NordVPN doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever. The VPN software for Windows and macOS offers a kill switch that lets you select the applications that should be terminated in the event of a VPN connection drop. The NordVPN killswitch will keep your traffic protected and will prevent your identity from being exposed.

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