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xfinity-vpnComcast is one of the leaders in the telecommunications industry and it holds exclusive broadcasting rights to some of the world’s most popular content. The US-based company provides multiple communication and entertainment through its Xfinity service. One of the best options supported by Xfinity is a TV streaming platform that gives users the possibility of watching their favorite shows, sports events and much more, whenever and wherever they want. However, there are issues that can affect the experience of Xfinity’s users, such as throttling and restrictions on the content that you can access. With A VPN, you will be able to overcome the restrictions and enjoy seamless streaming, not to mention that the privacy of your information will be protected.

Benefits of using a VPN for Comcast’s Xfinity

Work and school networks are known for preventing access to streaming services. While this is understandable as they try to make sure that the resources are used for work/study purposes and that you focus on your tasks, the blocks can be frustrating when you are on your break, or having lunch. In addition, since the service is only available in the United States, Xfinity customers who travel abroad will also have to deal with blocks and won’t be able to stream content. A VPN enables you to bypass these restrictions as you can connect to a secure server that changes your IP address and that protects your online traffic with encryption. Others won’t be able to see what websites you visit or what services you use online.

Another reason for using a VPN for Xfinity is that there have been many reports that indicate that Comcast throttles its networks in certain cases, which will have an impact on your streaming. If Comcast identifies that you are using an excessive amount of bandwidth use, or if you pass the limit established for your internet connection, you are likely to experience throttling. Mobile devices’ users are subject to restrictive data plans and if you reach the cap, you will face additional charges when you receive your monthly bill. The limits imposed by Comcast may be intended to prevent users from using P2P applications. If you want to download content, a VPN that supports P2P is a practical solution that will help you to overcome the limits, without compromising your privacy.

It is also worth keeping in mind that many customers have complained about the fact that Comcast blocks websites without providing an explanation. In order to browse internet without facing geo-blocks or restrictions imposed by your ISP, or other services you use, a VPN is the most convenient option. You can connect to a secure server located within the United States and access content from Xfinity without issues. Since your traffic is encrypted, your privacy will remain protected from anyone who tries to intercept your online activities, including Comcast. Here are out top VPN services for Xfinity.


Speed is one of the strongest areas for ExpressVPN and this provider is widely recognized as one of the most effective solutions for streaming. They have fast servers that allow you to bypass the restrictions that prevent you from accessing content on Xfinity. The top performance that ExpressVPN offers will allow you to stream content without experiencing a significant loss of speed. P2P is supported and since they don’t keep logs of your online activities, your privacy will be safe. ExpressVPN also offer a SmartDNS service that is ideal for bypassing geo-location blocks.

Private Internet Access

With PIA you can enjoy a strong level of security and an unlimited browsing experience for an affordable price. The low prices that this VPN offers attract the attention from many customers, but the quality of the service is also worth noting. They offer a good selection of security features such as a kill switch that prevents that your real IP address and location are exposed, even if the VPN fails. In addition, they don’t keep logs of your online traffic and offer good speeds for streaming and P2P.


NordVPN is a secure and fast VPN so it will help you to use Xfinity for streaming, even if this option is blocked by your network. NordVPN has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries, so overcoming restrictions and getting access to content from around the world won’t be a problem. NordVPN is a zero logs provider, meaning that it won’t keep any records of your activities or the way in which you use the service. NordVPN has ultra-fast servers that enable you to watch videos, play games and more. It also keeps your online information protected with strong encryption.


TorGuard is set to offer a reliable, fast solution for users who want to ensure that their privacy is protected when they are torrenting. The provider offers stealth services that will let you bypass restrictions effectively and their solid privacy policy establishes that no logs are kept at all. Data is secured with strong encryption and if a DMCA request is received, it is handled internally without putting your privacy at risk. TorGuard has plans that suit different requirements designed and they even have routers that are already configured with the VPN service.

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