Best working Plex plugins and how to set them up

Plex plugins and Plex channels are very similar, although each of them has its own purpose. The role of Plex channels and add-ons is to help you to watch TV shows and movies, while Plex plugins are the zip files for each of the Plex channels. In other words, in order to be able to install Plex channels on the Plex Media Server, Plex plugins are required. In this guide, we will tell you how to install Plex plugins and where to find them. In addition, we will list some of the best Plex channels available.

How to install Plex plugins

  1. Go to the following Github link https://github.com/plexinc-plugins?page=1 where you will find a large list of plugins for Plex.
  2. Select the Plex channel that you wish to install and click on it. You will be redirected to a page where you have to click on “Clone or Download” at the upper right corner in green.
  3. Click on Download zip and once the download is complete, extract the zip file.
  4. Copy the extracted file and right click on Plex Media Server to paste it onto Plex Plugin folder on the system.
  5. Change the name of the file extracted. The original name is CBC.bundle-master, but you will need to rename it as CBC.bundle if you are installing the CBC plugin, for example. Once you do this, the installation process for the plugin is completed.

Best Plex Plugins

Khan Academy

Khan Academy focuses on helping people to learn and acquire skills in a simple and fun way. It offers high quality educational resources including videos that cover a wide range of subjects. The Khan Academy Plex plugin allows you to access a vast library of content to expand your knowledge.

BBC iPlayer

BBC is a prestigious name in the world of broadcasting and with the BBC iPlayer, you can enjoy access to great documentaries, TV series and other high quality content produced by the BBC. The BBC iPlayer is only available for viewers in the UK, but you can enjoy its content with the help of a VPN.

TED Talks

TED is highly popular and it has opened a space for people to share and discover ideas in a great variety of subjects. Science, Fashion, Music, History, you name it, TED Talks have covered many different categories so it is easy why millions of viewers have become fans of these lectures. With the Ted Talks Plex channel, you will be able to learn from experts, be inspired and more.


Considered by many as the best Plex plugin for movies, FilmOn is an option that gives you access to thousands of titles. There are classic movies, blockbusters, documentaries and much more. It offers a great selection of content from around the world.


This is another good option for movie fans as it offers a wide variety of content. The search option allows you to look for content by release data, alphabetical order or most-watched list.

MTV Music Videos

MTV changed the game in the music industry and while nowadays, the channel is not as focused on offering music videos as it used to be, with this Plex plugin you can relive the golden age of MTV. The MTV Music Videos Plex channel allows you to access an impressive collection of music videos on-demand. It is a must-have for music fans.

Nick Jr

Nickelodeon is loved by kids around the world. Its Junior version specializes in offering content for toddlers. The plugin offers videos, music and a lot of entertaining content from Nick Jr.


Cigaras gives you access to an impressive selection of IPTV channels from several countries. It is a convenient solution to watch live TV and it gives you the possibility of discovering new content from different locations around the world. In order to get a more versatile experience with Cigaras, it is advisable to use a VPN.

Additional considerations about Plex Plugins

When you download plugins, they are stored in a separate plugin folder of Plex Media Server. This folder will only contain the extracted plugin files with a different name. The plugins are stored in the following location: User > AppdData > Local > Plex Media Server > Plugins.

If you can’t see the plugins when you open Plex, it is likely that this is due to an error during the installation process. You may have forgotten to change the name of the file after extracting the plugin file installed from the link that was provided. This can be easily fixed.

You need to change the name of the file to make sure that it is available as a Plex plugin under the channels category when you access Plex. Instead of “.bundle-master”, the last part of the name of the plugin should be “.bundle”. Any letter that appears after the word “bundle” needs to be removed. For instance, CBC.bundle-master needs to be changed to CBC.bundle as in the earlier example. Once you have done this, the plugin will appear under Channels once you open Plex.

Using a VPN with Plex

In order to get the most out of your Plex Media Server, it is important to use a good VPN service that allows you to defeat geographical restrictions to enjoy all the content you want. For instance, if the content you want to watch is only available in the United Kingdom and you live somewhere else, you can simply connect to a VPN server in the UK and defeat the restrictions. In addition, a VPN protects your privacy by disguising your IP address and encrypting your traffic so that others can’t see what you do online. Some of the best vpn options available for plex are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, VPNArea and Private Internet Access.

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