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iplayer_homeWe have recently covered the best VPN choices for the UK, and now why not talk about the massively popular British network that is BBC One, and the favorite new way to watch through online streaming with iPlayer. We all know how great the network is in terms of delivering fantastic programs and some of the most sought after documentaries, but unless you’re living in the UK, or paying for a very expensive television package, you won’t have access to iPlayer.

Of course, downloading pirated videos is not the best way to solve this problem, but using a VPN would not only be effective, discreet and safe, it can also actually accentuate and improve your streaming experience. BBC’s iPlayer programming offers the best the network has to offer, including all big sports events, and dedicated children’s programming. With BBC One, Two, three, FOUR, Cbbc, Cbeebies, BBC Parliament, News and ALBA from Scotland, you have enough to satisfy the whole family in viewing pleasure. So, don’t miss out on having access to this network that you can simply stream through your living room TV or computer.

So, what makes a VPN service the best one for this specific application? Number one, there needs to be fast and available servers in the UK. By connecting to a UK server, you will be masking your IP, and making it look like you are located there, allowing you full access to their online services and websites. Second, speed and stability come in, since streaming requires bandwidth and a constant stream of it, testing for fast transfer rates is key. And third, since you will be paying for the service, might as well suggest some that are really worth every penny, and offer you further powers and functions by providing a complete global network of servers for various needs you may run into, all while better protecting your data from hackers and spying.

PureVPN – Full Review * 5 Simultaneous Connections Allowed

PureVPN was our first choice for UK citizens, but also those who wish to access British websites. They simply have a strong presence in London, and the UK in general. With a tier-1 global network of high bandwidth servers, speed is rarely a concern. Another detail that sets PureVPN apart, is their optional streaming buffering service, that adds 25Mbps of buffering to any internet connection, no matter how slow, allowing you to stream live up to HD quality with a slow connection where it would otherwise not be possible!


Private Internet Access – Full Review  * 3 Simultaneous Connections Allowed

Private Internet Access is one of the most used services today and that is simply because they have a large, solid network and the best prices in the industry. If you want something that works, provides above average performance, and costs the least amount of money. PIA also has a very big presence in the UK with over 70 servers in London alone, you won’t have a hard time finding fast routes to watch some good live television from anywhere in the world.


Hide My Ass – Full Review  * 2 Simultaneous Connections Allowed

An honorable mention for HMA, which has been in business for long enough to know a thing or two about fast routes. We tested their servers located in the UK and surroundings, and although they boast a smaller number, coming in at 19 servers and over 3500 IPs, the speeds we’re on par with competitors, making them a valuable choice for streaming British services.


Don’t be fooled by geo-fencing, and fight for net neutrality, if your ISP has started capping your speeds while streaming video online, have no fear, the VPN service will effectively remove the caps as your internet provider will no longer have the ability to see what websites you are visiting and what kind of traffic is passing to and from your network computers, and devices. Magic ain’t it? Go ahead and discover the open internet today, by joining a VPN service, all while regaining some privacy.



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