Coolpad to provide monthly updates for its mobile devices

Google is the owner of Android, so it stands to reason that what the search engine giant does on Android will cause others to follow (at least Android manufacturers, anyway). In light of the Stagefright exploit, Google committed then and there to monthly updates for its Nexus devices, with Samsung, LG, and other OEMs committing to provide the same monthly updates for their devices. Coolpad is not relatively well-known in the Android world, but it does make devices for customers (smartphones and tablets) that resonate with customers looking for mobile technology for less. The company took to its own page to provide users with some new information regarding device updates:

“To protect the safety and security of people using Coolpad phones, Coolpad started to provide security software updates on a monthly basis, starting with Coolpad Y90-G00, T2-00, and ivvi SS1-03, from November 2015 and will include more models soon. Security patch level can be easily found in settings UI in these devices. Coolpad will continue to provide end users with more secure mobile phone products and more perfect security services.”

There is something important to consider regarding the Coolpad monthly security statement, however. What is it? That Coolpad wrote this response on January 5th but mentions specifically the November 2015 update. What this means is that Coolpad has yet to release the November 2015 update – and it’s January! In other words, Coolpad users are already two months behind in monthly security updates (who knows when they’ll receive the January 2016 release!).

While Coolpad will provide updates for its users, we believe, the problem with the company’s commitment is that it’s already two months behind in updates (or 3 updates behind) and has yet to give a timetable on the November 2015 update release to its devices. In the Android world, OEMs like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, and Motorola are the very best of what Android gives its users – and each of those companies has issued at least one security update to their users by now. Coolpad is one of the smaller players, and its monthly update promise is admirable, but how much security will users have if they’ve already been vulnerable to Stagefright and other exploits for two months and may have another 2 months to wait?

If you’re using Coolpad, you might want to hurry on over to our article over here to find yourself some good VPNs to protect yourself.

Renee Biana

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