Error 451: The New Censorship Error

Thank you to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), you would now know if the country you are in or the country where you are trying to access the site from is blocking the website you would wish to visit through the so-called new error. Through this new error, you will see a status code which would tell you that a server is denying you access due to some legalities.

The new censorship error has been suggested by IETF to be coded as Error 451. This code has been inspired from Ray Bradbury’s censorship novel Fahrenheit 451 and from the recommendation of Tim Bray who is a former Google engineer.

This coded error has been created to notify users the specifications behind the blocking of website access. This could be due to the government not wanting the content of the website to be accessed by anyone or it could also be due to copyright infringement. An example of this, is the United Kingdom banning Pirate Bay and if you will try to access this site, you would now see the 451 code error instead of the 403 forbidden error.

Though that is the case for many, there are still some governments that are less agreeable and are unlikely to disclose the information of them blocking certain websites, content and material. Just like China, it is very unlikely for you to see this kind of error code. This type of notification is rather more applicable to countries that are exercising democratic and semi-democratic type of government. In other words, you would more likely to encounter this new coded error on Facebook, Twitter and ISPs.

Whenever you are trying visit a site that you cannot connect to, you would probably have an idea that you are being blocked and banned from visiting the site. This situation could spark debate in democratic countries which makes it very dangerous. If this process has been put into motion, there is a possibility of other things could be banned as well such as schematics for 3D printers and many many more.

Though there are some that don’t think the new error message is necessary, others see it very convenient and are praising it. Nowadays, no matter if you are in favor or not of the new error message, these days, a lot of people would like to know the real reason and explanation. The question now is will this new code notification will make a huge difference? The answer will be possibly not as the main purpose of this new error code is only to notify the public the reason why the cannot access a certain website. Though that is the case, you do not have to fret as most of these blocked sites could still be accessed through the use of a Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as VPN. Hence, there is not much need for you to be highly concerned if you receive this type of error message as all you have to do, is to subscribe to a VPN service provider and unblock restricted content and sites.

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