How to use a VPN to unblock TextNow from any location

unblock TextNowNot many people use text messages or SMS these days, simply because now we have instant messaging apps and services that allow us to communicate fast, in an easy way and for free, as long as we have an internet connection. In the absence of an internet connection, it is likely that the only option is to send an SMS. The same goes in cases when we need to reach out to someone who doesn’t use instant messaging apps. Sending an SMS is cheaper than calling, but it is still expensive when compared to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which give you the chance to send messages without paying. However, if you can’t use these apps and need to send an SMS, you can save money by using an app like TextNow. With TextNow, you can get a private phone number that allows you to sned and receive SMS text in a secure way and for free.

TextNow is compatible with all the devices that can use the internet, but there is also a solution that allows you to enjoy as many calls and texts as you want, without an internet connection. While the free version of TextNow only works online, TextNow Wireless is a premium version that doesn’t require an internet connection and it supports unlimited calls and texts. It is a cloud based IP service that is currently available in Canada and the United States. In order to start using TextNow, you just need to sign up with your email address, or using your Facebook account. Apart from being a convenient way to save money while sending texts or making phone calls, TextNow can help you to protect your privacy because you won’t need to use your real phone number.

If you register on a website that requires your phone number to send a verification text, but don’t want to enter this information, you can use TextNow. The free version is very convenient and it works well. However, it is likely that it is blocked in some networks, particularly work and school ones. That doesn’t mean that if you come across restrictions, you need to forget about using TextNow. A VPN is the most effective and easy method to unblock TextNow, anywhere you are. This technology disguises your IP address and allows you to remain anonymous, but that is not the only benefit.

By changing your IP address, a VPN lets you overcome restrictions since it makes you appear as if you were in a different location. Whether you want to use the free version of TextNow or the paid version (which is only available in Canada and the US), a VPN comes handy since it redirects your traffic through a secure server, which can be located in any country. You just need to select where. Here is a list of VPNs that have a great selection of servers (particularly in US and Canada, which are the locations supported by TextNow. These VPNs are also fast, meaning that you can enjoy communication without hassle and since they protect your connection with high encryption, your texts and calls will remain private.


ExpressVPN has become a favorite in the VPN industry due to its great combination of speed, security and advanced technology. It is an ideal solution for playing games, streaming or downloading content. The high encryption used and the fast speeds make ExpressVPN a great solution for TextNow as well. There are servers in more than 90 countries, including Canada and the United States. With ExpressVPN, you can get around restrictions and use TextNow from any location. Since ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online traffic, you can keep your privacy protected. The service is fast and it keeps your information protected.


NordVPN is designed to protect your internet connection and since it is a zero logs provider, there is no aspect of your usage of the service that is monitored or recorded. NordVPN uses a high standard of encryption to ensure that your online activities are not intercepted by third parties. NordVPN has servers in over 60 countries and it lets you enjoy a wide selection of features from anywhere. In addition, the customer support is excellent and the speeds of the service are great.

Private Internet Access

The first thing that will get your attention when it comes to PIA is the fact that it is a very affordable solution. However, PIA is more than amazingly low prices, as this provider is known for the high quality of its service and the good selection of features supported. PIA’s software is easy to use and it offers good speeds that will allow you to enjoy TextNow. You can connect to servers in over 30 countries and while that is less than what other provider offer, PIA’s network has over 3000 servers. You can connect to servers in the United States and Canada. No logs are kept of your internet traffic.


This provider brings a highly efficient solution that enables you to defeat restrictions and keep your information protected. You can connect to hundreds of servers in over 60 countries. The network includes servers in Canada and the United States and your traffic is kept secure with military-grade encryption. This will keep your real IP address hidden, ensuring that your anonymity and privacy are not compromised. VPNArea supports advanced features such as kill switch, it also offers protection against DNS leaks and protection against IP leaks. VPNArea doesn’t keep logs of your activities and thanks to its fast speeds, you will be able to use TextNow without hassle.

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