How to watch Mubi from any location in the world

Unblock MubiAfter deciding that you want to take a rest and enjoy a movie on Netflix, the next step is to choose what you want to watch. The thing is that searching for a movie may take a long time in some cases. There are so many options that it can be difficult to select one. You may end up spending a whole hour just trying to pick a movie. Thankfully, there is an app that can help you to avoid the hassle. Sometimes it is better to have less, high quality options and that is what you can get with Mubi. This streaming service keeps things simple by offering just 30 films at a time. This narrows down things and allows you to choose a movie faster.

What does Mubi offer?

Mubi may offer less content than other platforms, but the content is carefully selected by experts so you can expect top-quality films. The library includes movies that have been recognized in prestigious festivals and that have won well-known awards. To make sure that the selection of movies is always fresh, Mubi adds a new movie to a list every day. Every film is only in the list for up to 30 days and replaced by a new one, so you can always find something different. In case you really wanted to watch a movie that was removed from the list of options, you can rent it for $4 and watch it in HD. Mubi is not only a movie streaming platform, it also gives you the chance to read reviews from experts in an editorial section called The Notebook. In this section, you can find review from top critics focusing on the films included in Mubi’s catalog. You can also learn more about the film industry.

Where can you use Mubi?

Mubi is an appealing option for people who love movies, but who don’t have much time to go through lists in order to select one to watch. However, the service is not available in all locations. Currently, it is only possible to use Mubi in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and France. The service is being launched in new regions in the near future, including India. However, at the moment, if you try to access Mubi from a country that is not in the list of options supported, you will come across geographical restrictions. If the idea of having a service that is easy to use and that offers a great selection of movies appeals to you, you probably want to know how to get around the blocks so that you can access Mubi from anywhere. Well, the solution is to use a VPN, a service that lets you get around restrictions while protecting your connection with encryption.

The benefit of having encryption is that it keeps your activities protected as it scrambles the data, so others won’t know what you are doing when you are connected to the internet. A VPN also disguises your IP address, keeping your real location hidden. It is a remarkable tool for privacy, anonymity and security. Plus, the fact that you can change your IP means that you can overcome restrictions as you can appear as if you were in a different place. No matter where you are, if you connect to a VPN server in United States, you will have a US IP address, which will allow you to access content that is only available there. You can follow the below steps to get a VPN and start using it to defeat restrictions and enjoy the content that Mubi offers.

  1. Start by signing up for a VPN service. You will find many providers and plans, but we recommend you to choose from our list of the best VPNs for Mubi, which will be included later on. There are free services in the market, but it is advisable to stick to a paid service like the ones we mention in our list since they can offer better speeds, higher security and more features.
  2. The next step is to download and install the VPN app on the device in which you want watch content using Mubi.
  3. Open the VPN client and connect to a VPN server located in the United States. After connecting, you will get an IP address from the United States, which makes you look like you are located there.
  4. With an US IP address you can overcome restrictions and access Mubi, even if you are connecting from outside the US.

A VPN service is a great addition to your Mubi experience, not only because it allows you to bypass restrictions, but also because it offers security for your connection. Your activities will be secured and your ISP won’t be able to throttle your connection. Throttling is a practice that slows down your connection and usually ISPs apply this to prevent you from streaming certain channels and services. However, with a VPN you can avoid this because your ISP won’t even see what you are doing.

To unblock Mubi and enjoy access to the selection of movies that it offers, we recommend the one of the following.


ExpressVPN is a highly popular service and with good reason. It is fast, secure and it offers excellent apps for all leading platforms. You can overcome restrictions easily and enjoy access to Mubi and other apps, even if they are not usually available in your location. ExpressVPN supports great speeds for streaming and it also use a high level of protection for your online data. It doesn’t keep logs of your activities and you can access servers in over 90 countries, including Canada, United States and United Kingdom.


NordVPN is a provider that has a strong focus on helping users to keep their privacy protected, but they also have fast servers to help you to overcome restrictions. You can enjoy a great selection of servers in more than 60 countries, including the locations where Mubi is available. NordVPN is a zero logs provider and it offers excellent customer support. If security is your main concern, NordVPN is highly recommended due to features like double VPN and Tor over VPN.


IPVanish is another fast service that will help you to bypass blocks and enjoy high security while streaming movies using Mubi. The software is one of the best in the industry and since IPVanish manages its own servers, it has greater control over the speeds and security of its network. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and enjoy a fast and secure experience. In addition, IPVanish doesn’t keep any logs of your activities. It is another practical and effective solution to enjoy Mubi, even if you are traveling to a country where the service is not supported.

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