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DandyMedia team offers MyVideoLinks, an add-on that allows Kodi users to enjoy high quality content in 3D and 4K. It is definitely an option worth checking if you want to enjoy a wide variety of videos to keep yourself entertained. Here, we will tell you how to download and install this add-on so that you can discover the excellent experience that it offers. One thing to keep in mind is that since MyVideoLinks is not an official Kodi add-on, you won’t be able to contact the Kodi team with queries about it. This add-on is offered by the DandyMedia team, meaning that it is a third-party Kodi solution. Instead of going to the Kodi website, you will need to reach out to the DandyMedia team if you have any questions about MyVideoLinks.

How to enjoy MyVideoLinks securely

As we previously mentioned, MyVideoLinks is not an official Kodi add-on. Most third-party add-ons provide links to copyrighted content without authorization from the rightful owners. The best option would be to use legitimate streaming services, but for many people, that is not an affordable solution or it is not even something that is available in their location. If you decide to access TV shows, movies, sports and other content via Kodi add-ons, make sure that you use a VPN as this will keep your privacy protected. A VPN encrypts your online data, keeping your privacy safe. It prevents your ISP and other parties from seeing what you are doing.

VPN services boost the security of your connection, even if you are using public WiFi. Your personal information is protected and you can access websites, services and applications without exposing your privacy. In addition, VPNs allow you to overcome restrictions. This is very important when it comes to MyVideoLinks and other Kodi add-ons, which may be affected by blocks in certain locations. You can bypass restrictions and enjoy online freedom, no matter where you are. In order to stream content via MyVideoLinks in a safe way, the best option is to use a fast, secure and reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. They don’t keep logs of your activities and keep you protected at all times.

How to install MyVideoLinks Addon for Kodi v16 Jarvis

1. Launch Kodi Jarvis and from the home screen, go to the System heading and File Manager will appear as a category. Click on it.
2. Now, click on Add source. The next step is to click in the box and enter this URL: http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi then click Done.
3. You have to name it. Use a name that you can easily remember or just call it toptut. Then select OK.
4. After you add it, go back to the home screen and click on the System heading.
5. Here, select Add-ons and then the Install from zip file option.
6. Select toptut (or the name you chose before), then choose repos. Then, select the repository.dandymedia.zip option.
7. Allow for the notification message to appear. Then, select Install from repository and then DandyMedia Repository.
8. Select Video add-ons and then MyVideoLinks. Choose Install.
9. Allow some time for the Add-on enabled notification to appear.
10. Go to Videos, then Video Add-Ons and MyVideoLinks from your home screen to access the add-on. That is all, you are ready to use MyVideoLinks.

How to install MyVideoLinks Addon for Kodi v17 Krypton

1. Open Kodi. From the home screen, click twice on the folder icon and in the next screen, you will find the File Manager.
2. Once you see the list, scroll down until you find the Add source heading. Click twice on that heading.
3. After that, a box that says Add file source will appear. The next step is to click on the highlighted line that says .
4. Enter the following URL: http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi and press the Done button.
5. You need to give the add-on a name. Enter the name that you want to use, just make sure that you can easily identify it and remember it.
6. Click the OK button to add the file. Then, go back to the home screen and select Add-ons. The icon of an opened box will appear with an arrow pointing inside. Click on it as this is the add-on browser screen. Then select Install from zip file.
7. Click on the name that you previously selected, then choose repos and repository.dandymedia.zip.
8. Allow some time for the notification message to appear.
9. Then, select Install from repository, and then DandyMedia Repository.
10. Now, select Video add-ons and then MyVideoLinks.
11. Choose Install and allow some time until the Add-on enabled notification appears.
12. Finally, go back to the Home screen, then Add-ons and MyVideoLinks

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