Hackers involved in Mr Robot at Defcon

NBC Universal’s Mr Robot has been quite popular with the hacking community for being the most accurate hacking show ever. The creators and other team members were present at Defcon to talk about their show.

Hackers involved in Mr Robot at DefconHacking has been shown on the small and big screen for years now. All the modern crime fighting movies and TV shows inevitably include some sort of hacking techniques. With Jason Bourne and CSI Cyber, but professionals in the field have always held a grudge against movie and TV show makers for taking such a careless approach towards portraying hacking. However, Mr Robot has changed that.

Making it Authentic

Mr Robot revolved around the life of Elliott Alderson who is a security professional by day and a member of the hacktivist group FSociety by night. The show has received huge support from IT and security professionals all over the world for showing the art of hacking in an authentic manner which has never before been done on TV or in movies. Kor Adana in one of the writers of Mr Robot and used to work in IT security before that. He said that the decision to portray hacking in as real a manner as possible was made even before the pilot episode was filmed.

Adana said that he resents how Hollywood always takes such a foolish and dramatic approach to hacking, making no effort in showing things as they really are. His view is shared by many others across the world, and the packed room for his session was a testament to his views and the popularity of Mr Robot at the biggest hacking convention of the world.

Using Expert Help

Mr Robot involves professional hackers and security experts working with the creators to help them make the show as real and authentic as possible. They pay real attention to the smallest details like software build numbers, code syntax, the system screens, etc. The methods and techniques used in the show are all tested by the experts helping out the team before being used in the show. The experts first try them out, confirm that they work, then explain them to Kon Adana so that he can use it on his show. Adana even invited the hackers present at Defcon to give him ideas using their techniques and tools so that they could be used on Mr Robot.

Modern World Hacking Situation

Kon Adana said that the modern world is full of people dependent on their devices but not knowing the dangers they face. He said that if Mr Robot can help spread awareness in people with its authenticity, then it is good for everyone. Although great attention to detail is paid, the creators are also mindful not to divulge everything on the show. For example, they do not show the entire process of how Elliott Alderson fakes text messages or hacks into government authorities.

Showing hacking as it is in real life has earned Mr Robot many applause, with people like veteran hacker Marc Rogers and Andre McGregor praising the show for this very quality.

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