ISIS Finds Two New Targets in Zuckerberg And Dorsey

The so-called ‘Cyber Army’ of the ISIS, or the “Sons Caliphate Army” as it calls itself have found new targets that they threaten to wipe off. Recently, in a video posted on Tuesday, the hackers from ISIS showed photos of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, engulfed in flames and targeted with bullets. In the 25-minute long multimedia clip titled “Flames of the Supporters”, they voiced their threat for two of the greatest names in the world of social networking.ISIS Finds Two New Targets in Zuckerberg And Dorsey

A text on the video clip read:

“You announce daily that you suspend many of our accounts, and to you we say: Is that all you can do? You are not in our league. If you close one account, we will take 10 in return, and soon your names will be erased after we delete your sites, Allah, willing, and will know that we say true.”

The clip also displayed accounts with Islamic State imagery and claimed that in retaliation to the steps that Twitter and Facebook had taken, the hackers of ISIS had gained control over 10,000 Facebook accounts, 150 Facebook groups and more than 5,000 Twitter profiles, many of which have been distributed among ISIS supporters.

The duo is very obviously being targeted for the measures that they have taken to curb terrorist propaganda on their social networking sites. Both Twitter and Facebook were becoming easy platforms through which the terrorist group was targeting young men and manipulating them to join their cause.

Both these men have announced in recent months that they would combat ISIS propaganda by suspending accounts and deleting posts that promoted or were associated with violence and terrorism.

This policing on social networks came a month after a handful of leading companies had a discussion with federal law enforcement officials to come to a decision regarding curbing the promotion of terrorism on virtual platforms, in the light of the Paris attacks in which ISIS massacred almost 130 people.

Otherwise, social media networks were becoming easy platforms to trap other men and women and get them enrolled with the ISIS, because of the huge exposure to hundreds of millions of people all around the world which was being provided by these social networking sites.

Twitter, had recently been on a spree in which it had suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 if they found them to have any connection with the promotion of terrorist activities. Facebook too prohibits any encouragement, praise or promotion of terrorism.

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