Weebly Hacked 43 Million Accounts were Stolen

Hacks and breaches seems to be the order of the day for the year 2016. There has been some mega breaches related to LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Dropbox and Yahoo all which have seen a combined one billion and excess account details breached. And it seems like the hackers and cyber attackers are not yet ready to stop hacking into the websites as another hack has been confirmed. The new hack pertains to Foursquare and Weebly, and they have had their databases hacked.

Weebly is a San Francisco based company that has over tens of millions of people who have the ability to create some websites just by dragging and dropping the items that they wanted to see on their websites. The company officials reported on Thursday that some hackers had been able to hack into the company’s servers earlier this year.

They also confirmed that data belonging to 43 million user accounts had been stolen and was in the hands of the cyber attackers. LeakedSource, the breach notification site managed to get a copy of the information from an anonymous source and they have uploaded it onto their website.

The leaked data from Weebly contains usernames, IP addresses, email addresses and their relating passwords. Fortunately, the passwords were stored in the bcrypt form, one of the strongest hashing methods on the market at the moment, therefore hackers will have some trouble in cracking the passwords. However, users are still encouraged to go forward and change their passwords on Weebly. The company confirmed that they were going to start sending notifications to their customers informing about the hack which was done eight months ago.

A company spokesperson said that at the moment they didn’t have any confirmation of a customer website being accessed improperly. Fortunately, there is no storage of credit card information or anything money related on Weebly, the spokesperson said too before adding that they are not aware of any credit card information that could be used for fraud in any case right now.

LeakedSource confirmed that the mega breach was affecting about tens of millions of users on the network and also tens of millions of websites. The good thing was that the company managed to use the strong hashing methods to protect the data because if the data had been sent to the wrong people then it would have become a problem.

LeakedSource also published data which showed that Foursquare might have been hacked too. Foursquare, the location based check in site denied the hacking incident, but LeakedSource claims that over 22.5 million accounts were breached on the network.

Foursquare however insists that after doing a thorough investigation, they did not find any evidence of a breaching incident. The data that LeakedSource says they have is said to contain email addresses, first and last names, gender, user location Facebook ID and the Twitter ID.

Ali Raza

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