Internet Control Message Protocol

How Does Internet Control Message Protocol Work?

All IP network devices have the ability to send and receive ICMP messages. Hence, through ICMP, you will have a direct communication and will help know where transmissions, issues or problems are. This type of protocol and communication is very important in the marketplace.

The ICMP header is located after the IPv4 or IPv6 packet header. It is identified or named as IP protocol number 1 and this mentioned complex protocol comes with three fields namely:

  • Minor coding that has more information about the type of field.
  • Major component that identifies the ICMP message.
  • The checksum that could help in detecting errors which are introduced during transmission.

After the mentioned information above, you will now be able to see the ICMP data and the original IP header which will identify which packets failed. Here are some examples of error messages that are usually and commonly experienced:

  • Time exceeded message
  • Parameter problem
  • Redirection message
  • Destination un-reachable

Number of different issues arise from time to time and through the use of ICMP, you will be able to protect and execute denial of service attacks by sending an IP packet that is larger than the number of bytes allowed by your IP protocol or more commonly known as the pinging process. In other words, Pinging is a tool that uses ICMP messages to report back information about network connectivity and speed of data relay between the destination computer and the host, which is very essential in determining the problem or error that your computer is experiencing. Furthermore, through ICMP, your networked computers could communicate with one another automatically which makes ICMP very important and essential part of the internet.

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