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How to Watch IPL Outside India

Watch IPL OnlineIPL 20, or the 2017 season of the Indian Premier League has already started and cricket fans don’t want to miss any minute of the action. The matches are taking place in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other locations in India. A selection of top teams including the Delhi Daredevils, the Gujarat Lions, the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Mumbai Indians are competing to take the winning spot when the tournament concludes in May 21st. The IPL has followers not only in India, but in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Canada, Bangladesh and New Zealand. While some TV channels have the rights to broadcast the IPL in these countries, many fans outside India don’t have options to watch the live matches, or can’t afford the cost of a cable subscription.

If you love cricket and want to watch all the matches as they happen, a VPN is an effective solution that will allow you to bypass geographical restrictions. You will be able to enjoy the IPL 10 live matches from anywhere, without having to pay high fees for a subscription to premium channels. A VPN gives you a wider range of options to watch the IPL 10 matches online. For instance, online streaming services like Hotstar will give you the possibility of watching the IPL live. Hotstar is a platform that gives you access to premium content, including the IPL for a very affordable price. The downside is that the service is only available in India so if you try to subscribe from another country, or if you have a subscription but travel outside India, you won’t be able to access the content.

When you try to watch content on Hotstar from another country, the geographical blocks implemented will detect your IP address and you will see a message telling you that the content is not available in your region. Fortunately, there is a way to defeat these blocks and as you may have guessed, the solution is to use a VPN. With a VPN, your IP address is disguised so when you connect to a server in India, you will appear as if you were actually there. With an Indian IP address, you can trick Hotstar into thinking that you are actually connecting to the service from India. This will give you access to all the content that Hotstar offers, including the IPL matches and the highlights of your favorite games. Hotstar works on multiple devices and once you have unblocked the service using a VPN, you will be able to access the mobile apps.

Since the Android and iOS apps that Hotstar offers are only available in India, you will need a VPN to be able to download them from Google Play and the App Store. You will need to change your location in order to access the Indian version of the App Store and Google Play so that you can download the Hotstar apps. Here is what you can do:

  1. Make sure that the App Store/Google Play is closed and that “Location” is turned off.
  2. Connect to your VPN service and select a server in India.
  3. When you connect to a server in India, you will get an IP address from that country. This will allow you to see and download the Hotstar app from Google Play or the App Store.

Hotstar offers great sports coverage and it is your ticket to watch VIVO IPL 2017,as well as many other sport events, movies and TV series. With a VPN, you can unblock the live streams and enjoy the matches without restrictions. Hotstar features experienced cricket commentators, as well as exclusive videos that cover all the action that IPL brings in its 10th season. Even if you live outside India, you can get access to the matches and unblock other great content with the help of a VPN.

Below you will find a list of the most effective options to watch IPL from anywhere in the world.


ExpressVPN offers high quality desktop software and impressive mobile apps. It has earned a solid reputation in the VPN industry thanks to its great speed and the fact that it allows you to bypass restrictions effectively. They have servers in over 90 countries and in India, they cover cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Once you sign up for ExpressVPN and connect to an Indian server, you will be able to unblock the IPL matches and enjoy reliability and fast performance.


NordVPN has 15 servers in India and it offers fast speeds in this location to access the content that you want, no matter where you are. NordVPN is one of the most trusted names in the VPN industry due to the strong privacy protection that it delivers. To enjoy IPL from outside India, you just need to connect to one of the servers available in that country. Then you will get an Indian IP address that will allow you to bypass restrictions and enjoy all the action of Indian cricket without putting your information at risk. You’ll be also glad to know that NordVPN is a zero logs provider.

Private Internet Access

Another VPN that works really well when it comes to watching the IPL, even if you are not in India, is Private Internet Access. This VPN offers an extensive selection of servers in over 30 countries, and of course, India is one of them. PIA protects your information with high encryption, but it also lets you get around restrictions with remarkable speed. PIA includes SOCKS5 proxy as part of its service. This is a convenient solution to bypass restrictions, with great speed and reliability. PIA doesn’t keep logs of your information.


Surfshark also has servers in India and it offers fantastic speeds that enable you to stream matches and enjoy the best of Indian Cricket from any location. Once you connect to a server in India, you get an IP address from that country, which gives you the chance to overcome blocks. Surfshark also strives to keep the security of your data protected and its Cleanweb technology shields you against malware, ads and trackers. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your activities or connection details.

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