How to Use Popcorn Time on Chromecast

The Internet seems to move a mile a minute, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with Popcorn Time, just know that it is a streaming video content service that will provide you with your favorite entertainment. But it doesn’t only provide streaming video content to your computer like YouTube or other video content engines. It can actually deliver streaming video content straight to your television via Google Chromecast. And it is shockingly simple to use. Some people use other options to stream video content to their television that aren’t nearly as attractive as using Popcorn Time. For example, some people will simply hook up their television to their computer as an additional monitor and they either get video content from YouTube or play a DVD using their computer. While these options might get the job done, Popcorn Time is a much better solution to stream the latest video content to you television. It’s easy to setup, easy to use, and the quality is incredible.

Popcorn2The very first thing you will need is an installation of the latest version of Popcorn Time. To stream video through Chromecast, you will need at a bare minimum version 3.5.3. After you have downloaded it, installed it, and launched the app, simply select a movie you want to see and click the icon next to the Watch Now option.

Popcorn Time is so easy to use that the vast majority of new users don’t have any unexpected problems. Although, if you have used any of the older versions there is a chance that you encounter some issues with streaming videos. These versions needed some firewall configuration changes, so let’s run through that process.

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Firewall Configurations

First, browse to Windows Firewall by selecting Control Panel, System and Security, and selecting Windows Firewall. Next, click on Restore Defaults to reset all of your settings in the firewall. Be warned, not only will this return defaults to Popcorn Time but also all of your other configurations as well. After restoring the defaults, go ahead and launch the software again. After you do, a prompt will pop up that will request to make configuration changes to your firewall settings. Go ahead and allow it to do so, and you shouldn’t have any more problems.

However, I would caution you about using this procedure if you have made a lot of configurations in your firewall. If you have made countless other changes in your firewall settings to increase security or to get other applications configured exactly how you want them, you may want to try to configure an individual entry for Popcorn Time first. I would start by seeing if there is a rule in the firewall that allows Popcorn Time to download data at all. If you don’t see one, when creating a new rule there is an option that will allow you to select an application to allow instead of going through the tedium of matching specific ports.

All in all, it is a great solution to push quality streaming video content to your TV. And the application targets users who aren’t technically savvy. They made it easy to use, easy to install, and the most difficult part of the whole configuration process is simply making a change to your firewall that will allow the application to work properly.

Of course, along with your Popcorn Time streaming, don’t forget to get yourself a VPN. For the best VPNs to use with Popcorn Time, head on over and check out our top picks here.

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