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Password managers are popular applications that combine security and convenience. StickyPassword is one of these solutions and it supports strong encryption, as well as practical features such as synchronization, secure memo, identities and more. It is easy to use and its interface is very simple. With StickyPassword, you can store all your passwords in the same place and keep them protected with encryption. Your login details remain secure and can be used whenever you need them. Created by Lamantine software, StickyPassword works with a variety of operating systems and browsers. It offers automatic sign into web and app accounts, automatic password saving for new accounts, password generator, the option to import data from other password managers and browsers and a console that lists all weak passwords that have to be updated.

Apart from being a secure password manager, StickyPassword can also be used as a web form filler so you can automatically enter information on registration forms. It can match the details requested and enters the relevant information such as your address, name and phone. This is a feature that comes handy when you are buying something on an online shop, or when you are signing up for a service. StickyPassword also offers a high level of security as it applies AES-256 encryption to your data and it allows you to use a main/master password. You can create secure memos and store your bookmarks in the same location. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, and you can synchronize passwords across all your devices. Here is more about this password manager.


The first thing that you will notice about StickyPassword Premium is that its interface is appealing and well-organized. With this interface you can easily and quickly access important features including App Accounts, Bookmarks, Identities, Web Accounts and Secure Memos. You can easily navigate through the options available and with the Quick Access tab, you can access shortcuts to different functions. Using the “My StickyAccount” button, you will be able to access your account from your browser with a single click. There is also a “hamburger” button that lets you access settings, as well as the import and export features. If you remain inactive for a while, you will be automatically signed out from StickyPassword. While you are focused on other tasks, the application runs smoothly in the background and you can access it in the system tray.

If you are using a web browser to log in to a website, Sticky Password will prompt you to save the login details. You can check the information or save it in a different account, plus if you enter the wrong credentials, you can rely on the edit feature. When you save the web account credentials, they are automatically filled and you are logged in all subsequent visits of the account. In addition, you can use the button set in your browser to open and log in directly to your accounts. You can also store bookmarks and organize them in pre-defined categories such as Social Networks, Emails or Shopping.

The Identities feature allows you to hold registration details that are used to fill web forms automatically. It is possible to add a couple of identities that you can easily access from your browser. An identity can keep many details and all the information that could be needed to fill a web form. The information in an Identity can include personal information, contact information and financial details. StickyPassword also offers synchronization, so you can back up your passwords and data across all your devices. You can enable or disable synchronization and select if you want to back up to the cloud or using local options. If you select cloud synchronization, the passwords are saved to StickyPassword servers, while the local option lets you synchronize data across all your devices via the local WiFi connection.

Thanks to the Secure Memos feature, you can forget about writing down important information on a piece of paper. Instead, you can use StickyPassword and track information such as passwords, ID and anything else that you want to keep secure and accessible whenever needed. There are several pre-set memos including IDs, Internet Settings and Licence. You can create new options by importing them from a third-party source or use the templates provided by StickyPassword. You can also format the memo’s color, size, alignment and font. Another practical tool that StickyPassword offers is the password generator. This lets you create strong password with a minimum amount of characters and with specific cases and characters that should be included.

Privacy and Security

While StickyPassword is not an open source solution (which may disappoint users who trust more in such technologies due to the fact that they can be independently audited), it strives to offer solid protection for your privacy and security. All your passwords are protected with a master password that only you know. It is crucial that you keep it safe and that you remember it because if you don’t, it is not possible to recover it or reset it. The data is not sent through the internet but it is synced over local WiFi. Data syncing is supported with the cloud. In any case, the data is encrypted/decrypted locally in your device using AES-256 encryption algorithm. Your data remains secure and private, as long as you keep the master password to yourself. To avoid possible risks such as keyloggers, you can use the virtual keyboard.

Plans and Support

StickyPassword has a free version and premium version. While the free version offers core features such as password manager, auto fill and high security, in order to enjoy all the benefits of StickyPassword including cloud backup, cloud sync across devices and priority support, you need to upgrade to the Premium plan. This plan is available for $29.99 per year or you can buy a Lifetime license for $149.99. Support is available through live chat, but Premium users have priority. In addition there is a blog with regular updates, online guides and a comprehensive FAQ section.


StickyPassword’s user friendly interface, practical set of features and high quality software makes it an option worth considering. The fact that there is no option to recover or reset the master password could seem inconvenient, but it also means that you are less exposed to security issues. The service offers fast performance and it allows you to manage all your passwords in one place.

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