Whoer Review

whoerWhoer is an incredibly versatile tool that brings a lot of convenience for internet users. In one website, you can find multiple internet services and in this review, we will take a look at everything that Whoer VPNĀ  offers. There are five practical features that will allow you to find out important information about your internet connection. Here is what you can do with Whoer.


All you need to do is to enter the website and immediately, even without typing, you will see a lot of helpful information about your internet connection. In this area, you will be able to check a great deal of data, including: your IP address, DNS, Internet Service provider (ISP), operating system, browser version, plugins, country, city, language, even display resolution and anonymizing methods. There is an extended version that gives you access to even more information. The amount of details that are exposed when you are using the internet will surprise you. Whoer vpn service lets you find out what the websites that you access can see about yourself.

You can also know what information they can use to track you and to target you with ads. It is also possible to monitor the anonymization methods that you are using to find out how effective they truly are. The unique ranking system used by whoer vpn measures the level of privacy that you can really get and it also lets you know how to increase it. In addition, you will be able to find out if your IP address appears on the Internet block lists, which may have a significant impact on your online experience. If it is detected that your IP has been blacklisted, you will get an instant link that will allow you to solve the issue.

Anonymization methods

It is possible to find a great deal of online tools that promise to give you anonymity, but not all of them are effective. Even if you are paying a high fee, you may find that they are crash very often and that they don’t offer the features that can help you to protect your privacy. On top of that, some services don’t have good customer support and their websites may not work well. Plus, your personal data may be sent to government agencies and other parties. Thankfully, Whoer vpn offers fantastic performance thanks to the fact that it is supported by a team of professionals. They know exactly how an efficient anonymizing solution should work and what features it should offer.

Although some people only need an solution that allows them to disguise their IP to bypass some restrictions, others require a service that keeps their privacy and security protected. In the first case, an anonymizer may be enough, but to achieve the second, you need a VPN. Whoer.net supports a convenient anonymizer that is easy to use and available for free. It is a good solution for those who want to mask their location and it is possible to connect to servers in Netherlands, United States and Russia. If you want a stronger level of security, there is also a VPN that comes with advanced features such as protection against WebRTC leaks, which is not an option that many competitors offer. With a VPN, you can easily defend the privacy and the security of your data and Whoer offers a service that lets you connect to servers in 16 countries and that supports P2P.

Speed test

Another benefit of using Whoer.net is the convenient speed test that allows you to find out if your ISP is really offering what it promises. They may tell you that you have a 100 Mbit/s connection and you may be paying a high fee for it, but what if they are not telling you the truth? With the speed test, you can select a test server on the map and the system will let you see the real download and upload speed that you get. This means that you will be able to confirm if your ISP lives up to its claims or if you are being overcharged for a slower connection.

Ping test

You can also ping your server, website or IP address from different locations in order to see the uptime and connection speed. Eight countries in Europe and North America are supported and the service shows the availability of the websites and the maximum access speed across all the countries in the list. This allows you to find out what you need in order to optimizer the website to get the best results.

Whois service

With this widely-used service it is possible to see all the information that can be publicly accessed about any IP address, whether it is a user or a website. All you have to do is to enter an IP address or domain name and the service will immediately display all the information that it can gather about it.

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