Best VPN for the Netherlands (Holland)

Flag_map_of_the_Dutch_Language[1]For many years, Holland has been recognized as one of the most open and free internet nations with Dutch law allowing for copyright downloads for individual use, as long as the user was not uploading or sharing the copyright material. However, this brought heat from many organizations which pressured EU law to intervene at many occasions. Two of their major ISPs had been forced to temporarily ban the Pirate Bay until the dawn of this year, the ban was finally lifted, but just months later, the local government implement new laws, effectively making it illegal to download or stream copyright files and video, where they have turned a blind-eye for a very long time.

The Netherlands have imposed a blank storage media tax since 2003, but has now been overturned as being illegal itself, since not all whom purchase USB drives or removable media, necessarily download pirated material to qualify as paying the fee directed to rightsholders.The local officials have for a long time been able to ban any external say on their open-free internet policies, but the EU court has been able to overrule in the matter.

With the drastic change, the NSA, and EU data-retention policies have sent Dutch users looking for ways to protect themselves from data-logging or international spying, while safely using torrents or streaming sites once more in the privacy of their homes. A performing VPN service is vital for a good experience and access to various servers for optimal speed and access to all geo-fenced services and websites. Below we have compiled the best VPN providers for the Netherlands (Holland).

Private Internet Access (Complete Review or Signup Now)

  • Service: $39.95 per year or $6.95 per month
  • 3 Simultaneous Connected Devices


Why PIA?

217 Servers totaling 217000 Mbps of bandwidth located in the Netherlands and speed tests maxing out on their server page on every try, local users are certain to get stellar performance and speeds in Holland, all while still having plenty of choice with almost 1000 servers spanned across 10 countries. Additionally to their great prices, the service includes a kill-switch that comes in very handy for safe P2P torrent transfers in case of VPN connection drop.


NordVPN (Complete Review or Signup Now)

  • Service: As low as $5.90 per month or €4.00 Euros / month.
  • 2 Simultaneous Connected Devices

Nord-VPNWhy NordVPN?

This smaller sized provider was worth mentioning as a worthy service. For one, they allow local Euro citizens to be paying in euros for better convenience through numerous different payment options including BitCoin. Two solid Netherlands servers with good worldwide coverage including dedicated American and UK servers dedicated for super-fast TV streaming. Additionally, the VPN is capable of connecting to two Virtual Private Network points at once, Austria + Netherlands for double the encryption, as well as Tor over VPN through a Swedish server. Overall, great speeds on the majority of our testing matched with great customer service, just a bit on the pricey side for a smaller network.


PureVPN (Complete Review or Signup Now)

  • Service: $49.95 per year or $9.95 per month
  • 5 Simultaneous Connected Devices

purevpnlogoWhy PureVPN?

PureVPN can be considered the luxury choice of the bunch when you consider the feature rich software and really complete VPN protection service they offer, but you should not necessarily consider it the most expensive. With the possibility of using 5 simultaneous devices, it may actually become a very economical choice for those who need VPN for more than a few people or devices at once. Their 1+ million satisfied customers can’t be wrong, if you want the best, look no further. The fastest possible streaming services, one click software for almost all devices, and 17 premium servers across the Netherlands with a huge global network for full coverage. What else can you ask for?


Hide My Ass (Complete Review or Signup Now)

  • Service: $6.55 to $11.52 per month depending on package
  • 2 Simultaneous Connected Devices

HidemyAss-LogoWhy Hide My Ass?

Another very large network featuring almost half of its presence in Europe, 19 premium Netherlands servers and 2,700+ shared IPs, HMA also provides you with hundreds more in North America and full global coverage, overall. Fairly priced, the server speeds rank among the best and is easily setup across all types of devices included TV boxes and game consoles. For those looking for 2 simultaneous devices at most and don’t want to break bank for fast speeds, we can certainly suggest to try this service as well.


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