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Best No Logs VPN Services 2020

If you’re from the UK, the US, or other places that have been deemed as “surveillance states,” one of the biggest concerns you have with a VPN is likely whether or not they log your traffic. After all, as human beings we have a right to privacy and the government shouldn’t intrude on our day-to-day lives when we do research or send messages to friends with email and social media. That’s where the value of log-less VPNs come into play. All VPN services claim to protect your privacy, but in order to do so, it must not keep any data logs whatsoever. If a VPN service is able to match your encrypted data to your account, it cannot be considered secure enough to be truly private.

No Logs VPNVPNs basically allow you to protect your data in transit through the Internet by encrypting it so no one can read your messages. In addition, they help unblock websites that censorship programs have made inaccessible. While this is all well and good, there is always the fear of logging lurking in the back of people’s heads who are security conscious. At any time, the government could coerce these companies to disclose their records. Then guess what happens. The government will have detailed records regarding your online browsing activities and may even be able to access some of your data. But a log-less VPN will help you browse the web completely anonymously without the fear of interference from the government. If the government comes knocking on a logless VPN provider’s door to demand information, too bad! There isn’t any information to hand over.

Every year, this list will be updated to reflect any changes to service policies, and add any other qualifying logless VPN services to the list. Does the VPN keep any type of logs? Do they offer a clear presentation of their privacy policy, company information, and service details regarding privacy and security levels? Below is a list of the top picks for logless VPN providers that take the utmost care in protecting the privacy of their subscribers.

Best Logless VPN Services

Torguard VPN
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TorGuard, short for TorrentGuard is our #1 pick for best logless VPN services of 2017. Since inception in 2012, TorGuard focused their efforts to provide superior encryption and privacy to torrent users. For both seeding and downloading torrents, TorGuard provides configurable encryption levels and cyphers, as well as anonymous encrypted proxy servers. Nowadays, with P2P apps such as Popcorn Time, using a VPN that supports and adequately secures all Bittorrent traffic is prioritized. The service can just as well be used for any other usage, such as internet censorship and unblocking geographically restricted content. With stealth Deep Packet Inspection firewall bypassing servers, TorGuard also works well in countries like China. More importantly, the service policy promises to keep absolutely no logs and signing up requires no more than an email. Various anonymous payment methods are also accepted.

Private Internet Access
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PIA has become a household name when it comes to VPNs, privacy, security, and online freedom. They have been a long term supporting party of various causes and projects including many movements. Although they don’t expand at a fast rate, and have less locations than other top competitors, Private Internet Access has been able to keep speeds regular by ever expanding their server base. The service is extremely popular due to having some of the lowest prices in the industry, and allowing up to 5 devices per account. More importantly, PIA has a squeaky clean record when it comes to their strict no log policy, and although they have blocked P2P on some servers, this was done to keep the traffic on safer server locations.

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Express VPN, though a little pricier than other providers, also doesn’t make a habit of keeping logs on user activity. However, they do reserve the right to investigate matters if they think that someone is abusing their services. As their privacy policy states, “ExpressVPN does not as a matter of ordinary practice actively monitor user sessions for inappropriate behavior, nor do we maintain direct logs of customers’ Internet activities. However, ExpressVPN reserves the right to investigate matters we consider to be violations of these Terms.” I’m sure other VPN providers would look into a case where it was believed that criminal or terrorist activity was taking place, but Express VPN is one of the few providers that proactively state they reserve the right investigate matters in their policy.

Surfshark logo
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Surfshark is committed to keep your privacy protected with features that prevent malicious hackers and eavesdroppers from getting access to your data. Malware protection, kill switch and multi-hop are some of the features supported by this provider based in the British Virgin Islands. Surfshark doesn’t keep any logs that could put your privacy at risk. Apart from protecting your information, Surfshark offers fast servers that enable you to defeat censorship and geo-restrictions. You can enjoy true online freedom and high security.


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NordVPN is a fantastic solution for people looking to remain anonymous online. Other VPN services will log little to no traffic or claim that they will log traffic and only surrender those to the government if a subpoena is issued. But NordVPN goes the extra mile by not collecting any logs at all. They have a strict no-logging policy, and their website claims the following in the privacy statement: “NordVPN keeps you 100% anonymous online, and we never log the activities of our users.”

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IPVanish is a solid VPN choice for a lot of reasons, but for those of you concerned with details, records, and logs, they are a top pick. In their privacy policy they clearly state that they do not keep logs of any kind, and they have servers all around the world. This makes it very easy to connect to a VPN server in another country without the fear of logs being kept that track your online activities. This affordable service will allow you to browse the web free and clear without needing to worry about censorship or surveillance.

Additional Reputable No Traffic Log VPNs

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Iron Socket
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If you would like to see your VPN service added to the list, pleas reach out to us with the answers to the questionnaire above, and we will gladly keep this post updated with the latest and greatest no log VPN providers.

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