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Considered as one of the best multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games out there, Vainglory is a thrilling experience that takes you to the intriguing world of Halcyon Fold. There, magic and technology come together and players will need to put their strategic skills and combat abilities to the test. In Vainglory, you don’t face battles on your own as the game allows you to share the fun with friend in 3 vs 3 multiplayer online arena battles that are free to play. There are over 25 heroes to choose from and your goal is to destroy Vain crystal. In order to defeat the enemy, you need to use your skills and work as a team. You and your allies can engage in real-time combats and by improving your hero’s skills, you will be able to release attacks that will finish off your rivals.

Vainglory gives you the chance to connect and interact with an booming community of players and streamers. You can select different game modes including fast battles in which there can only be one winner. The game has captured the attention of gamers thanks to the action-packed battles, interaction features and stunning artwork. Additionally, players can share their suggestions and collaborate on the development of the game, connecting with the team behind the game through Livestreams on Twitch. Vainglory was created by Super Evil Megacorp and it is available for iOS and Android users.

While the game is not restricted to a selection of countries or regions, many users may want to change their location in order to enjoy a more flexible gaming experience. You may want to play with friends who live abroad, but if you are in Europe and they are in South East Asia, you will have to use the servers in your respective regions. However, if you use a VPN, there won’t be any barriers as you can disguise your IP address in order to access a Vainglory server in another country. You can play with your friends, regardless of how far away they are. Changing your virtual location to connect to a different game server is just one of the advantages of using a VPN. With a VPN, you can even enjoy better speeds by connecting to a Vainglory server through shorter routes.

Additionally, it should be noted that Vainglory is regularly carrying maintenance and updating its servers. While this is done to ensure a great experience with the game, in some cases it may result in issues for players in certain regions. After an update, some players have reported that they are unable to access the news and market sections. They may get stuck on the heroes selection page or get a black screen. Furthermore, when they are performing maintenance on a server, it won’t be possible to access it. In these cases, a VPN can also be helpful since you can simply connect to a game server in a different region and play Vainglory without issues. In addition, this technology protects your traffic from snooping. You can keep your data private, even if you are using a public WiFi connection. Here are the best VPN services for Vainglory.


Speed is crucial when it comes to gaming, which is why the fast and reliable service of ExpressVPN is a great option for Vainglory. While their prices are slightly higher than other providers, it is an investment worth making since you get efficient performance and remarkable software. They have servers in 87 countries and you will be able to find an option that is ideal for your location and the game server that you want to connect to. ExpressVPN also offers a high level of encryption to protect your data.


VyprVPN is one of the most effective solutions for gaming because it offers advanced features and great speeds. Their Chameleon technology will allow you to bypass firewalls and DPI, as it keeps VPN traffic disguised. VyprVPN offers routes that allow you to enjoy a better experience while playing Vainglory and other popular games. Since they manage their own network of servers, you can expect a reliable service to defeat restrictions, enjoy a more versatile gaming experience and protect your privacy.


PureVPN gives you access to servers in over 140 countries, meaning that they are one of the best options if you are looking for extensive global coverage. Apart from its impressive network, PureVPN is known for offering practical applications such as split-tunneling, which allows you to separate VPN traffic from your regular traffic. You can use the VPN connection for certain applications, while the rest of your traffic is routed through your standard connection. PureVPN provides good speeds and consistently good performance for gaming, browsing or streaming.

Private Internet Access

If you are looking for a good and affordable VPN that offers all the necessary features to bypass geographical blocks, or simply experience a different game server, Private Internet Access could be the right choice for you. They also offer strong security and have a good track record protecting users’ privacy. PIA has over 3200 servers in 24 countries, covering essential locations. Their low prices are one of the most appealing aspects of PIA, but the overall quality of their service is what has earned them a place in the list.

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