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brazilThis list focuses on the best VPN services you can find if your based in Brazil. Whether it’s to get improved privacy/security or to tunnel your web traffic through another country these services all supply just that. Taking into account servers within Brazil & South America in itself as well as others in the US/UK for streaming purposes. Also looking into speed, security, and overall reliability when it comes to each service.


VPN Area – Full Review







Starting off the list is VPNArea, a service in itself that is based out of Bulgaria so its servers in that department are definitely not lacking. Featuring 4 servers in South America (including Brazil itself), 44 countries overall, ranging from US to UK. All while being able to switch among them at your leisure. VPNArea also supports up to 5 devices with a subscription with apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows & more.

Of course a big aspect of VPNArea overall service is also speed & security to match their server support. Encrypting all traffic with 128-bit support to ensure safety no matter the server your connected to or your own location. This makes it an astounding service to use from Brazil with its local server support, speeds, & security. Along with the great extras like US & UK servers for you to tunnel out of Brazil in order use streaming services such as Amazon video, Netflix, and many more. It’s all you can ask for with great plans & pricing to top it off.


ExpressVPN – Full Review








ExpressVPN is another big name in the VPN space & for good reason. Covering severs in Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica just to name a few. With over 45 countries in total. ExpressVPN provides a nice all around package. Allowing access to videos from anywhere, online privacy with encrypted browsing, and no limitations on users bandwidth usage.

What’s great about Express VPN is it’s easy to use & setup process. Featuring great apps for iOS, Windows, and Mac. Lastly being coupled with a 5-star customer support team. 24/7 365 support be it by live chat or e-mail your ensured support whenever you need it.


VyprVPN – Full Review






Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service is another simple & fast solution for VPN in Brazil. Packing a whopping 700+ servers one of the main ones being in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Providing a fast & secure line for you to use within Brazil for whatever the purpose.

Packed with unlimited speed, server switching, and much more to seal the deal. VyprVPN optimizing not only their hardware but software as well to provide the best connection. 100% of their code is optimized for modern broadband connections & in house engineers constantly optimizing the VPN’s speed for the users.

Even offering a free-trial on top of their package systems for you to try out & see just how it fits for you.


HideMyAss – Full Review









To close out the list is the Hide My Ass VPN. Despite being based in the UK their support extends out into South America w/13 servers & 1,553 IP’s.

Hide My Ass provides a simple & straight forward service. Use it to surf privately, evade hackers, or just access streaming video services. Providing over 700+ servers all over the world that offer fast connections & wider access to blocked content. Optimizing traffic to guarantee optimal & stable speed at all times.

They believe in their service so much that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee alongside their super affordable plans starting as low as $6.55 per month.


All in all these services have amazing server support whether your in the heart of Brazil or around it. Giving you the ability to secure your browsing data behind firewalls & encryption. All while providing fast connection speeds & reliable connection. Outside of the Brazil usage you can also connect to many other servers in order to get access to other countries like the US or UK.

At the end each service offers something unique from their server support to speed & pricing. However you won’t be disappointed if your in Brazil looking for a solid VPN, any of the great services will do you just fine.

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