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Zoho Vault password manager was launched in 2013 with a focus on helping businesses and personal users to protect their passwords. Zoho is a company with extensive experience in the development of productivity software and it has presence in India, Japan, United States, China and Singapore. Zoho Vault is a great example of the ease of use and efficiency that Zoho’s products can offer. Its simple interface will allow you to keep your passwords safe, without hassle. Here is more about Zoho Vault.


If you need support for multiple users, Zoho Vault is the ideal choice. There are plans available for both personal users and companies that need a solution for large teams. In the latter case, the service is priced per user on a monthly basis. The cost depends on the amount of users that you need to manage. The personal solution is available for free, but in order to get support for multiple users, you need to opt for a paid solution. You can choose from the Standard (small teams), Professional (medium teams) or Enterprise (large teams) plans. Keep in mind that in order to use the Professional and Enterprise plans, you need at least 5 users. The Standard plan starts from $1 per month, the Professional from $4 and the Enterprise from $7. These prices are per user/ per month. When you pay in advance for a full year, you can get a discount.

Differences between free and paid accounts

The free personal version of Zoho Vault boasts all the features needed to create strong passwords and to store them safely. It is possible to save as many passwords and notes as you want, without cost. You can access the passwords from your computer, or from your mobile devices. The software allows you to log into your favorite websites automatically and the password generator can be used to make sure that all your passwords are strong and secure. You will also be able to set password policies and keep track of password access. The free version also allows offline access and it lets you import and export your passwords. In addition, two-factor authentication is supported.

As previously noted, there are three paid plans available: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. All these plans offer the same features as the free version of the service, as well as additional options. Here are the extra features that you get with the premium plans.


Apart from getting all the features supported by the free plan, the Standard plan allows you to use features such as the ability to transfer password ownership, secure password sharing, centralized management, alerts for password expiration and data backup. It also supports provisioning and management and you can restrict access for certain IP addresses. You also get priority technical support.


The professional plan offers all the features previously mentioned and it also lets you create and manage user groups. You can also share groups of passwords with user groups and get custom reports on user access.


The Enterprise plan is the most comprehensive plan, offering all the features that you get with all the other plans, as well as additional solutions such as password access control, custom notification on password events and integration with active directory.

Zoho Vault’s premium features are specially designed to support business users. You can choose the plan that better suits your organization and enjoy flexibility and advanced functionality to create, share and manage your passwords.

Create strong passwords

Zoho Vault allows you to set up password policies to make sure that the passwords created are truly secure. In the password policy screen, you will find multiple options to set up password policies. You can set the minimum and maximum length for passwords. It is also possible to select if you want to start each password with a letter. You will be able to configure the app to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. You can also select the number of characters that should be used and even decide which specific characters shouldn’t be used at all. The fact that Zoho Vault gives you the chance to set up password policies means that you have flexibility to create passwords that meet different needs and types of websites.

Find and manage passwords

Zoho Vault stands apart from other password managers due to the fact that it is designed for online use. While you can download an encrypted HTML file to access the tool when you are not connected to the internet, Zoho Vault works better when you are online. There is a tree structure that allows you to organize your accounts, which simplifies things when you have many accounts in different websites. Zoho Vault can be navigated easily and it is possible to look through your data files to locate the account that you want to find and then you can log into the site automatically.

Control access to passwords

Zoho Vault is a convenient solution for businesses since it offers the possibility of managing access to passwords for different users. Companies have to remove access in come cases and this has to be done as soon as possible. Unlike other password managers that lack these features, Zoho Vault supports the functionality that corporate users need to manage password access permissions. It also enables you to add users and choose if two factor authentication is supported for each access.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Apart from being able to access Vault from your desktop, you can also get the mobile apps to manage passwords on your Android and iOS devices. The apps allow you to retrieve passwords and other confidential information. It gathers passwords so that they can be used offline as well. The apps offer the same features and they allow Android and iOS users to enjoy the practical functionality of Zoho Vault, even when you are on the go.

Zoho Vault Security

When you use Zoho Vault, your data is secured with AES-256 encryption. In addition, your master password serves as the encryption key and only you know it. Zoho doesn’t know you password, which is great for security. However, it also means that the company won’t be able to help you to recover the passphrase, so you need to make sure that you don’t forget it. Corporate users also have the chance to set up notifications whenever a user changes, shares or deletes a password. There is also an audit trail that allows you to see a record of the changes applied over time.

Customer support

If needed, you can get support from the Zoho Vault team by email only. Just keep in mind that paid users get priority supports so they will receive faster responses. In any case, since Zoho is a large and well-established company, you can expect professional and prompt assistance, regardless of the query and type of account you have.


This is a good quality password manager that is ideal for users who prefer an online solution. While there is a version for personal use, Zoho Vault is mainly designed for small, medium and large businesses. This is why its best features are available for corporate users. Zoho Vault offers the features needed to manage passwords for teams of users. It allows admins to share data and remove access whenever needed. Zoho Vault is easy to use and it protects data with strong encryption. Only you know your master password and two-factor authentication is supported, which offers greater security.

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