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Verizon customers who have signed up for an internet service or package would get a router from the company and while in most cases, this device should be good enough, it may be worth considering using your own router. In this article, we’ll go through the best alternative routers for Verizon Fios. But before you try to connect a new router, it is important that you contact Verizon to let them know that you want to upgrade the hardware. It is important that you don’t do anything that could void your warranty and leave you without support or without your internet service. Just make sure that you contact them and that you know what (if any) would be the issues that you may face.

Reasons to use your own router for verizon

There are many advantages of using your own router on a service such as Verizon Fios. You can select the exact router that you want, with all the features that you need for your network. You won’t need to settle for what you get with your internet package. You could have a router with advanced features like Tri Band 802.11ac (or above) and even get more options to configure the settings. It is very important that you keep in mind that the process of using your own router with Verizon Fios is not exactly easy.

First of all, you need to be setup to only receive internet service from Verizon Fios. While some users have been successful in the installation process even when they had package plans including TV or phone services, in general, it is more likely that you can use your own router when you only have the internet service. In addition, it is important to note that the process of setting up everything can be complicated. As previously mentioned, the first thing that you need to do is to reach out to Verizon and find out if you won’t have issues and that your network will still work with the new router that you want to use. There are many options available and they suit different needs.

Alternative methods – Set the Verizon Modem/Router to Bridge Mode

Instead of replacing the Fios router, there is an easier solution. You can add another router to your network. In order to do this, you can make your Fios router a bridge that the internet can go through to the Ethernet WAN port of the new router that you wish to use. The Fios router is still needed since it comes with a built-in modem that is configured to reach Verizon. Doing this is easier than the first option and it only involves setting up your Verizon router in bridge mode. You simply need to adjust the LAN settings (disable DHCP & Wireless) and connect to your new router via Ethernet cable.

If you have DSL, you can check Verizon’s site to see complete details related to the specific Verizon devices that you are using. You can get the features that you need with your own router, which allows you to enjoy an experience that suits your specific needs. It allows you to get functionality that you may not get from the standard Verizon router. It is possible that you want to use a flashed DD-WRT router, which gives you even more options.

Best 802.11ac routers for Verizon Fios

Keep in mind that the routers included in the list below are not officially supported by Verizon. The devices are recommended due to their high quality and good features, but you still need to confirm with Verizon that the router you choose can be used and that it can be connected to their service via Ethernet to the WAN port.

Asus RT-AC68U Wireless AC1900 Dual Band Router

Asus RT-AC68U Wireless AC1900 for verizon fiosThis router from Asus is a fantastic solution that offers 802.11ac wireless, beamforming, USB 3.0 port and dual band. This means that you can enjoy fast wireless network across your home. The router supports additional features such as QoS that can improve your experience with video calling. It prioritizes certain applications that require a consistent wireless connection. Overall, this is an excellent router available at a convenient price and it will suit most users.

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750With the TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750, guests can share your WiFi connection securely thanks to the Guest Network Access. This 802.11ac router comes with all the features that you need from a router of its kind such as gigabit Ethernet, USB ports and dual band. Another thing that sets the router apart from other options is the six external antennas that will give you amazing service at home. There are also useful network management features such as a guest mode that we previously mentioned. This device from TP-Link is an affordable solution that supports the functionality that you need from a router of its kind.

Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual Band AC1900 WiFi Router

Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual Band AC1900If you are looking for advanced features, this solution from Linksys should be considered. One of the highlights is beamforming, which can improve your WiFi signal by focusing your WiFi signal to offer a stronger connection to devices that are not to close to the router. In addition, there re 4 high-gain antennas that will allow you to get a good signal across your home or office. The software also deserves to be mentioned as the app will allow you to manage your network. There is guest access available and you can manage devices and prioritize specific types of data (QoS).

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 R7000

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 R7000This may not be the most prominent router from Netgear anymore, but it doesn’t mean that it is not an amazing option with a great selection of features. It offers all the features that you may need from a router of its kind. This 802.11ac router offers beamforming, dual band, a 1GHz processor, QoS and Gbps Ethernet connections. It is ideal for gaming and thanks to its powerful performance, it can support multiple devices without issues.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 R9000 WiFi Router

Nighthawk X10 AD7200 R9000 WiFi Router for verizon fiosThis router by Netgear features 802.11ad standard, which allows it to offer impressively fast speeds. It also has Tri-band and 10Gbps Ethernet. The convenience and high quality of the Netgear software keeps things very easy when it comes to the set up. The router offers powerful performance and a great selection of features. One of the best things about the router is that it it offers Wireless AD, which is considerably faster than Wireless AC. In addition, it is tri-band and it has a 10Gbps SFP port, a quad-core CPU and four powerful antennas. While it is more expensive than the rest of the routers included in this list, if you are looking for advanced technology and superior speeds, this Netgear router is the right choice.

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