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If are concerned about online security, you probably have heard about Tor before and may have used it already. Originally released in 2002, Tor stands for The Onion Router and it has become a top solution for internet users who want to protect their anonymity when they browse internet. While Tor built a solid reputation as a good solution to avoid being monitored, in 2014 the Tor network was compromised by the FBI. As a result, the security of Tor has been questioned and many users have considered alternatives to ensure that their personal data is not exposed.

Tor is used by millions of people around the world and it has been trusted by journalists and activists who require a high level of security and privacy. In recent years, the extent of the surveillance operations carried out by government agencies around the world has been revealed. It has become clear that if we want to browse internet safely and keep our privacy intact, popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome are not a good option. This is why the Tor browser has earned a lot of attention and has been chosen by those who wish to keep their online activities to themselves. The Tor Browser prevents others from tracking you over the internet and it can protect your anonymity. In addition, you will be able to access websites that are not available when you use regular search engines like Google.

The problem is that the anonymity that Tor has also attracted cyber criminals who have taken advantage of it for their own benefit, giving authorities the perfect excuse to break into the network. While it is still not clear how authorities managed to break into Tor, the fact that they were able to do so, raised many questions about Tor’s possible security flaws. It is likely that authorities are only focused on targeting users involved in severe crimes, but even those who only use Tor for privacy and security reasons may be concerned. If you are looking for secure and anonymous ways to browse the internet, here you will find a selection of good alternatives to Tor.


I2P or the Invisible Internet Project works with DarkNet technology and brings multiple layers of encryption to protect your data. It uses public and private keys to encrypt your online traffic and it applies a network layer within UDP and TCP/IP sessions. It is a good alternative to Tor as it offers solid privacy protection to keep your activities and communications protected. If you require anonymity, I2P is a great choice. In fact, some security experts consider I2P better than Tor, due to the fact that it can handle a variety of traffic efficiently and that peers are selected based on profiling and ranking performance instead of trusting claimed capabilities.


Like Tor, FreeNet offers a solution to protect their anonymity and defeat censorship. You will be able to browse the internet, share your opinion on forums and more, without compromising your privacy. FreeNet supports Darknet and OpenNet technologies, and it works as a peer-to-peer security platform. Since there is no central server, the probability of hacking the FreeNet is very low. Not even the system admins can access users’ details and the level of protection that FreeNet offers for your personal data is very strong.


Tails is a remarkable option when it comes to alternatives to Tor. This Linux-based operating system stands out for its safety. It can be booted from any hard disk, USB stick or DVD. Apart from offering a strong level of security and anonymity, Tails offers great features that make it practical for every day use. It includes an office suite, media editing programs and a browser. There is also an email client and an IM option. It is a comprehensive solution to keep your activities and personal data secured.


This free, Linux-based operating system provides a strong level of encryption to protect your network traffic from eavesdroppers. It offers an anonymous environment that keep your data and identity protected.


Whonix is an operating system based on Debian that uses the Tor network and it focuses on privacy and advanced security. It offers convenient functionality and effective protection against attacks. Whonix comes with pre-installed applications that are ready to use. You can also install additional tools without compromising the security of the system. Whonix runs on a Virtual Machine paired with Tor.

JonDo Live-CD

JonDonym is a commercial anonymous proxy service with many similarities to Tor, including the fact that it routes your internet connection through multiple mixer servers and data is encrypted in every stage. Based on Linux, JonDo Live features pre-installed applications that are set to improve the privacy of your browsing and your communications.

Yandex Browser

While Yandex Browser is a proprietary solution from tech giant Yandex (a competitor of Google), it is another Tor browser alternative that can be considered. Yandex Browser prevents tracking and it offers a good standard of anti-malware protection. In addition, it comes with plugins that focus on giving you a secure and private online browsing experience. Some of the options include ad-blockers and flash-disabling extensions. It is not a strong solution for anonymity, but with Yandex Browser you will get an extra layer of security to enjoy a safer browsing.

Comodo Ice Dragon

Comodo Ice Dragon is a secure browser based on FireFox that offers fast performance, anti-malware features and enhanced privacy protection. It is free, easy to use and provides a DNS services that allows you to enjoy a safe and efficient online browsing experience.


If you are concerned about websites that track your activities, Disconnect is a practical and effective solution to get peace of mind. It will block trackers to keep your online browsing safe. Disconnect can identify websites that track you and it will allow you to block them. Although it is not a reliable solution for privacy and it costs between $40 to $50 per year (depending on the plan you choose), it will keep your online browsing fast and free from tracking.


Globus Privacy browser is a commercial alternative to Tor, but it promises to help you to blocks tracking and to keep your online browsing private. It also provides security by scanning websites to prevent you from accessing malicious sites. With Globus, you can also change your location to unlock content that is subject to geographical restrictions. One month of service costs $7.99, but the monthly price is reduced to $3.99 if you subscribe for a full year. There is also a free trial that allows you to try the service for 5 days.

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