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Kodi is a powerful home entertainment solution that allows you to enjoy a versatile streaming experience. Previously known as XMBC (Xbox Media Center), Kodi is an open-source and free software that has evolved to become a standalone media player that supports advanced features. It is compatible with multiple platforms and with the help of a wide variety of add-ons, it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of content and additional functionality. Kodi offers an elegant interface that allows you to manage media content in a simple way. While Kodi offers many advantages and it has become the favorite media player for many people, there are other options that are worth considering. If you want something similar to Kodi but want to explore some alternatives, take a look at the options that we present in this list.


OSMC stands for Open Source Media Center and it is another good option for users who like Kodi, but who might want to try something else. It is based on Kodi, which allows you to use the same add-ons that Kodi supports. OSMC plays media content seamlessly and it can be used with WiFi adapters, NAS and other devices. It is free, open source and it offers many customization options.


Plex is a great alternative to Kodi since it also offers a great level of flexibility and impressive compatibility. It works with a variety of platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux and NAS. There is a free option that allows you to access your favorite media, no matter where you are. You can watch videos from your own library or stream content from popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. There is also a paid plan that offers dedicated customer support and professional in-home installation.


MediaPortal can turn your computer into a complete media platform. It is very easy to use and you can connect it directly to your TV to watch your favorite content. MediaPlayer gives you flexibility to play movies from your DVD/Blu-ray collection, watch and record live TV, listen to music from streaming services and online radio and much more. It offers a web interface, as well as mobile apps so that you can access your media from anywhere.

Universal Media Player

As the name suggests, Universal Media Player is a multi-platform solution that supports a great variety of content. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and it features a user-friendly interface. Universal Media Player has great performance and it allows you to enjoy great speeds through options like Bit-rate adjustments. This Java-based solutions can be customized with plugins that extend its functionality.


Emby gives you the possibility of managing your media library in one place, ensuring that you can easily access to your videos, music, photos and more, even when you are on the go. One interesting aspect of Emby is that you can even apply parental controls to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content. You can also monitor and control their streaming sessions.


With Infuse, you will be able to enjoy content in multiple devices. It works with different platforms and apart from being a media player, it also works as a media server. You can add subtitles, metadata and program schedules. Infuse lets you access all your media in the same place, without having to convert files to make them compatible with other platforms.


MediaTomb is a free, open source UPnP MediaServer that features a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality. You will be able to stream media files through your home network and enjoy it on a wide selection of devices that support UPnP. It works with Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD and it includes options like automatic directory scans, media format transcoding and metadata extraction from jpeg, mp3, ogg and other type of files.


TVersity works as a Media Server, allowing you to stream content from your personal library and premium streaming services from your computer to your smart TV an mobile. It also offers a Screen Server option, which lets you mirror your computer’s screen to get videos, full-screen games and web content on your TV and mobile. You can choose between the Media Server and Screen Server options and both work via DLNA/Web. There is a free version for the first and a free trial for the second one. In both cases, you can upgrade to get access to all the features supported.


Not exactly an alternative to Kodi, but an option that is designed to turn your computer into a fully-fledged Kodi media center. OpenELEC is based on Linux and it stands for Open Embedded Linux Entertainment center. With OpenELEC you will be able to enjoy a great variety of options that will help you to manage and play content with great quality and impressive speed.


Mezzmo is easy to use and it provides practical apps for Android and Kindle Fire. You can stream movies, TV series, listen to music and radio, or enjoy slideshows of your family photos on your TV, Chromecast, DLNA devices and web browsers. Apart from working well on Android and Amazon devices, Mezzmo is an excellent option for Windows users and it is easy to set up. You can get Mezzmo Pro and Download Studio for $39.99 and enjoy an advanced solution to enjoy your media and download content.


This free media server lets you stream your videos, songs and photos to your TV, gaming console or mobile device within your local network. You can also opt for the paid version which offers more sharing options within your home network. Serviio supports a wide variety of devices and it is based on Java technology, which allows it to run on the majority of platforms including popular options like Windows and Mac.

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