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Usenet-indexesUsenet is a technology that has been around for quite some time. However, many people haven’t heard about or they don’t really understand how it works. There are some similarities between torrents and Usenet. The client for Usenet is called News Grabber and it allows you to access forums, where you can find content to download. There are different categories available and to be able to find the content you are looking for, you may need to spend some time scrolling down, unless the Usenet client that you are using has advanced options. Most Usenet clients are open source and the list of options include HelloNZB, NZBGet, Binreader and PAN newsreader.

Usenet shares some similarities with torrents. For instance, you can use your web browser to find NZB files on any of the NZB search engines available online. Once you find the content that you are looking for, the NZB file can be downloaded with the help of the Usenet client. Compared to torrents, Usenet can transfer data faster. In addition, thanks to automated search and download software options such as CouchPotato Movie Grabber, it is possible to establish a connection with the Usenet client and check the content for availability. When the content is available, the software uses your Usenet client to download it.

In general, Usenet allows you to download content faster than torrents and it also gives you greater control over your anonymity. Usenet is designed to apply encryption to protect your downloads, which helps you to protect your identity and privacy. With Usenet, an SSL connection is established between you and the Usenet server, which means that your privacy is less likely to be compromised. In addition, it comes with antivirus protection. The main downside is that the files that you want may not always be available. To be able to take full advantage of what Usenet offers, a Premium Usenet service is the best option.

Best Usenet providers

To be able to download content via Usenet, you need a provider. In our list, you will find the options that we recommend.


For basic NZB search, the best option is Binsearch, a public search engine that can be easily accessed. Although it doesn’t offer advanced features, it works well if you want simplicity. Another good public search option is Newzleech.

For better organization and a better NZB search experience, you can try a member-only site. These websites are not always available and in many cases, they are not open to public registration. Still, here are some options that you can consider.

NZBGeek – This is a solution that allows anyone to register. It is free for 2 weeks, or you can pay $30 and enjoy lifetime access. While the search is not as fast as we would like, in general, it works pretty well.

Nzbplanet.net – It supports open registration. While it offers a good selection of results, it is not as comprehensive as other options available.

NZB.su – This is a very comprehensive index, but it requires an invitation to join.

NZB Tortuga – Here is another open registration option. While it is not as popular as other indexes, the registration process is simple and overall, the index looks promising.

PFMonkey – It costs $10 for lifetime access and it has good feedback from users. However, it is not always open for registration.

DogNZB – DogNZB is only open for registration from time to time and for a short period. Instead of lifetime access, they offer yearly subscriptions.

NZBHangout – Invitation code required.

Should you use a VPN with Usenet?

While Usenet offers some features that will help you to download content safely and fast, it is still advisable to take extra measures to protect your online traffic. Although Usenet offers encryption while you are downloading content, increasing the protection to your traffic won’t hurt. That is why, we recommend you to use a VPN service when you are looking for NZB files. A VPN will not only protect your downloads, but also other activities. It is a solution to help you to avoid becoming a target of online fraud or surveillance. If you are conscious about your privacy and want a high level of protection, using a VPN is a must.

VPN services have become very popular over the last few years and with good reason. Since some ISPs even block Usenet, VPNs have become a good alternative as they work along torrents to allow users to download data privately. But you can also protect your Usenet activities with a VPN and get around restrictions. In addition, it is worth considering that Usenet is a technology that is outdated in some areas. With Usenet, you can still be affected by malware due to some vulnerabilities. Since a VPN routes your data and encrypts it, it is a good option to avoid malware. Some of the services that you can consider are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Private Internet Access, which offer strong security and fast speeds.

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