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Vpn Services with dedicated IPWhen you connect to a VPN, your real IP address is concealed and replaced with the IP address assigned by your VPN provider. This allows you to keep your identity and real location hidden from third parties. What other people will see, is the location and IP address allocated to the VPN server you connect to. If you are connected to a server in Canada, you will appear as if you were located there, even if you are actually in a different country. Most VPN providers offer dynamic IP addresses, which means that your IP is changed whenever your device connects to the internet. Dynamic IP addresses are temporary and they can be taken from an extensive list of IP addresses that are used by multiple costumers.

The advantage of Dynamic IPs is that since they are assigned to many people, it is very difficult to trace a specific user. When a dynamic IP address is in use, a new IP address is assigned whenever you access the internet. You can select a server in any country available in your VPN’s network and connect to it. Once you do a new IP address from that location is assigned to you. While Dynamic IPs are a popular solution, there are cases in which a dedicated IP would be a better option. Many people want to set up their own servers for gaming, host their own website, or P2P library and more. If a website or shared server gets its own static IP address that is unique, this is known as a dedicated IP.

Not all VPN providers support dedicated IPs, but more and more people are looking for this feature since it is convenient for online banking services and playing games. Some VPN services that have dedicated IPs give great ddos protection. Some websites can’t be accessed using a dynamic IP address. With a dedicated IP, you can even connect to your home computer, no matter where in the world you are. One of the main benefits of using a dedicated IP address is that you won’t need to worry about being unfairly blacklisted. If you are sharing your IP address with others and someone is involved in spamming and similar practices, you or your site may end up on a blacklist. With a dedicated IP, only you are responsible for the actions attributed to that IP address.

When you are using a dedicated IP address, your identity and location are still protected, but you won’t experience issues when you try to access certain services or websites, including online financial services. These services may block you if they detect logins from many different IPs or what is worse, if one of the IPs used is deemed as risky because it has been used in the past to commit fraud. Although only a few providers offer dedicated IPs and you need to pay extra for this service (and select a specific country), it could be a solution that is practical for you.

Here you will find the best VPNs that offer dedicated IPs.


Apart from being one of the most popular solutions available, PureVPN is one the few providers that offers the possibility of using a dedicated IP. This Hong Kong based VPN provider is known for its advanced technology and efficiency. They protect your data with high encryption and give you flexibility to browse the internet in the way you prefer. You can have a static IP assigned only to you so that you can access specific services or manage your own server. With a dedicated IP from PureVPN, it is possible to access all the websites needed without having to compromise your identity. The dedicated IP list supported by PureVPN includes convenient features such as Split Tunneling, Internet Kill Switch and other solutions that enhance the security of your connection. You can subscribe to PureVPN for two years for $59 USD and pay $1.99 (monthly price) extra for a dedicated IP in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany or Netherlands.


Based in Panama, NordVPN is a provider that is recognized for its no logs policy and the top security that they offer for its customers. You can enjoy high standards of protection with features like kill switch and Double Data encryption to make sure that your information is secured whenever you are connected to internet. NordVPN also provides a highly private solution called Tor over VPN connection, which encrypts your traffic and adds a double layer of protection by directing your traffic over NordVPNs servers and Tor. This is an ideal solution to protect the security of your information, although it should be noted that it will slow down your connection, meaning that it would not be the most effective option for streaming content or playing games. NordVPN also offers dedicated IP addresses in the United States, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. You can request this feature by email and the support team will assign it. First you need to subscribe to the VPN service. One year of service costs $69 USD and two years cost $79.


TorGuard has a strong commitment to security and it also offers fast performance. It is ideal for torrent users as it offers a high level of security, without sacrificing speed.
TorGuard doesn’t keep logs of your online activities, which is another reason why torrent users prefer TorGuard over other solutions. The standard service allows you to access servers in over 50 countries and there is a varied selection of plans to suit different needs. The Anonymous Proxy plan lets you enjoy good speeds and it has a feature that will automatically configure your favorite torrent client with the best security settings. The anonymous VPN plan is the best option for privacy. TorGuard Offers dedicated IPs as an add-on service that costs extra on top of the VPN service. It costs $7.99 per month or $54.99 for one year.

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