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vpnhubvpnhubIt is not a secret that the internet has made access to porn easier. It has saved people around the world the hassle, and even the embarrassment of having to go to a video store to rent an adult movie, or to ask for a magazine in a convenience store. One of the leading names when it comes to adult websites is Pornhub. For over 10 years, Pornhub has been the to-go place for people looking for pornographic content online. Considering the popularity of Pornhub and the fact that there are locations where porn is banned, as well as users who want to protect their privacy while accessing adult content, it is not strange to find out that there is now a VPN solution specifically designed for Pornhub. With a VPN, it is possible to bypass online restrictions and enjoy high security online. These are features that make this technology ideal for Pornhub users who want to get around blocks that prevent from accessing content and who also want to remain anonymous while watching videos.

The truth is that porn fans don’t only face issues in countries that impose strict censorship on the internet. Even in places like the UK, where you would think that online freedom is guaranteed, there are some restrictions that can prevent people from accessing the websites that they want. Mandatory porn filters are set to be implemented and users will need to prove that they are over 18 years old to access adult websites. This may involve website owners asking for proof of ID, which is certainly not something that most people would be happy to provide. VPNhub can help Pornhub users to enjoy content without compromising their privacy. It is an ideal solution for those in the UK and in other countries, who want to bypass restrictions and keep their online activities protected. Here is more about VPNhub.


There are two plans available with VPNhub including a free version that works only on mobile devices running iOS and Android. This free solution features ads, it comes with restricted speeds, limited customer support and it is only possible to connect to one servers based in the United States. The good thing is that it offers unlimited bandwidth and it would be a practical option for those who are on the go. Then we have a premium plan that allows users to enjoy the protection and versatility of the VPN service on Mac and Windows computers.

With the Premium plan, customers can enjoy an ad-free experience, better speeds and 24/7 customer support. The price for this plan is £10.49 GBP per month, which is roughly $14 USD. The monthly price is reduced to £5.33 per month (about $7 USD) if you pay for one year in advance. There is a free trial that allows you to try the premium service for 7 days. If you are using the free plan, you can upgrade to the premium one by installing the mobile app and getting premium via in-app purchase. Once you have upgraded, you will be able to use VPNhub on your desktop.

Privacy and Security

At the moment, the privacy policy is the same as the one offered by AppAtomic, the developers behind VPNhub. There is no specific privacy policy for VPNhub, but the general policy states that no logs are kept of any traffic or use of the applications or services offered by AppAtomic. Some website tracking data may be collected and some non-personally identifiable data may be shared with partners for advertisement and marketing purposes.

Regarding the VPN protocols or encryption level used by the mobile apps, there is not a lot of information available. When it comes to the Windows client, we do know that OpenVPN is used. It appears that the data channel used is either AES-128-CBC or AES-256-CBC (default) cipher with HMAC SHA256 hash authentication. The control channel would be AES-256-CBC cipher. So far, the settings and the fact that OpenVPN is used, show that VPNhub has good potential to be a highly secure solution.


The mobile apps and the Desktop clients feature smart design and they are easy to use. Those who use the free are only able to connect to a server in Los Angeles at the moment, while premium users can access server in 13 countries including Denmark, Australia, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Brazil. The apps are fairly simple and there are no advanced features available, but they work very well and there were no IP leaks detected. The desktop (premium) version comes with IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leak protection, as well as a kill switch. This are great features to improve your online privacy and ensure that your identity is not exposed.

It is possible to switch to OpenVPN TCP port 443, which is useful when you need to bypass online blocks. You can also select server location based on lead and ping times. The initial tests show that the speeds are good enough to ensure that you can watch videos on Pornhub, which is the main purpose of the VPN service. Even free users can enjoy fast speeds, in spite of the fact that there is only one server available. It should be noted that the speeds can vary according to your location, but overall, VPNhub seems to work very well in this area.


PornHub fans will welcome this solution that is specifically designed to help them to protect their traffic and defeat restriction to access content on the most prominent adult website in the world. While the service is still quite new, it looks very promising as it offers good performance, solid speeds and strong security. The main downside at the moment is that considering the limited features, the premium service is expensive, particularly when compared to other VPNs that can be used for the same purpose of unblocking Pornhub and protecting privacy. However, we are yet to see if Pornhub adds more functionality to make the service better value for money.

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