GoTrusted VPN

GoTrusted VPN is a handy tool with a lot of features and competitive pricing. People who aren’t well-versed in technology and computing will like this VPN service because they aim to make their service easy to use. However, ease of use is a double edged sword, and if you know the details of VPN technologies you may feel that you lose some amount of configuration control with this provider. However, they have been doing business since 2005 and they must be doing well, because they are one of the few VPN providers that advertises on television.


Instead of using the typical VPN pricing model of discounting the monthly rate the longer you subscribe, GoTrusted VPN simply offers a flat rate for single users at $5.99 per month. They do offer multiple user packages that target enterprise environments, but they don’t release those prices on their website. They also offer a 1 week free trial of their service, but you will need to provide payment details before you can begin the free trial.



As long as you adhere to the law, you won’t have any problems with this VPN service. However, there is one little red flag regarding their monitoring policy. Though some VPN services claim that they don’t do any logging whatsoever, GoTrusted VPN keeps detailed records regarding how their customers use their service. They also reserve the right to share information with other organizations – but only if you give them your consent. The only caveat is if they need to report illegal activity to law enforcement personnel, they will. Lastly, their VPN service doesn’t cater to a wide range of operating systems. They are only available on Windows and Mac.



Their website fails to show us many details regarding what underlying technologies and software are used in their VPN solution. This is most likely because they defined their target audience as non-technical people. Remember, they are aiming to make their service as simple as possible. While they do support L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN connections, you won’t have control over selecting or configuring these protocols. Instead, they are automatically chosen and configured based on your location and the server you are trying to connect to.

Speed and Stability:

Again, there is little information on their site explaining the speed of their VPN connections in an effort to keep matters simple for users that don’t have a strong technical background. On their website they claim that that their service is fast, but fail to quantify connection speeds. They also state that they provide unlimited bandwidth and speed, which really only means that they aren’t going to throttle your connection.

Customer Service:

It seems to be increasingly more common to not offer a telephone support number. Instead, GoTrusted VPN provides two means of accessing customer service: an online chat based system as well as a ticketing system for after-hours requests. If you’re the kind of person that needs to speak with a human being instead of using online chat, you may be disappointed with their customer support model. However, their online chat system seems to be reliable. Their support staff respond pretty quickly if you have a question.

In summary, this is a great service for people who don’t know much about VPN tunnels. They try to make their service as simple as possible to cater to less technologically oriented people, but there is one drawback with their customer support. They don’t provide a telephone number to speak with a person directly.

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