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Bandwidth Place is a practical website that allows you to test the speed of your internet connection on any device. You can carry out tests for upload, download and ping speeds, as well as HTML5 speeds. It is possible to test the performance of your broadband service and mobile data carrier. The innovative technology of this site enables you to test data transfers on any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. You won’t even need to download an application in order to enjoy its speed testing technology.

All you need to do is to bookmark Bandwidth Place to test the speed of your internet connection at home, at your office or on public networks. The speed test website is capable of identifying your IP and once you click the Start button, it will check your connection speeds and will offer results within a few seconds. It is a simple solution to find out how good your upload, download speeds and ping really are. You can run tests as often as needed so you will be able to check the results at different times.

You can even use different servers to discover how your data transfer capacity changes depending on the region that hosts the websites you access. It is a very convenient way to keep an eye on your broadband performance to decide if your current plan meets your needs or if you need to consider alternative options. Bandwidth Place shows your results in a clear manner and the speed is displayed on a speedometer. Once the test is completed, you can see the results in Mbps and the ping is set in ms. While Bandwidth Place is an excellent option for testing your bandwidth performance, here you will find many other good options.


TestMy.net is designed to provide accurate, fast results when you test your internet connection. It is a powerful solution that enables you to find out the truth speed of your bandwidth. It provides detailed information as it runs multiple tests to provide you a versatile solution to check speeds. There is an automatic speed test that allows you quickly find out if your ISP is really giving you the speed they promise.


This HTML-based speed test solution is effective and lightweight. It gives you the possibility of testing as often as needed, so you can check your speeds at different times during the day. It doesn’t require Flash or Java, and it promises to provide the most accurate and advanced results. It works with different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.


Speedtest.net is a popular website that lets you test your internet connection bandwidth. You can check different global locations with the help of this interactive broadband speed testing solution. It provides advanced details such as connection information rate and inactivity. It checks the data transfer capacity and it presents the information in a clear and attractive way.

Speakeasy Speed Test

If you are mainly interested in checking speeds on servers in the US, you can rely on Speakeasy. In order to run tests using this website, Adobe Flash is required. While that may limit its use in some cases, Speakeasy is still a good solution thanks to its basic functionality and the clear way in which information is shown.


With Fast.com, you can find out how fast your download speed really is. The website’s interface is straightforward and within seconds, you will be able to test the speed of your internet connection. Since the main purpose of Fast.com is to check download speeds, it is ideal for checking the performance of your connection when it comes to streaming.


When you test speeds using nPerf, you can obtain accurate and efficient results. It test the speed of your connection and it doesn’t require flash. They qualify your connection and you can create an account to store all your results. nPerf also gives you tips to ensure that your speeds are measured precisely.


OpenSpeedTest promises to be the best HTML5 Interet Speed Test solution. Since it works on any browser and doesn’t require Flash or Java, it is very practical. It gives you the possibility of testing speeds across different programs. It is compatible with major platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.


With Speed.io, you can measure the speed of your online connection and get accurate results. It is easy to use and allows you to check speed across servers located around the world. The website’s interface is appealing and you can perform test quickly.


DownTester by NirSoft gives you the chance to test the download speed of your internet connection in different locations around the world. You can find out the download speed of the websites that you regularly visit. Each URL is tested for a few seconds and in a continuous progression. It works with Windows.

MySpeed Visualware

Visualware’s MySpeed may not be the most simple option for testing bandwidth speeds. However, if you are looking for an advanced, effective and fast way to check different aspects of your connection, MySpeed could be the right choice. It allows you to get information about system consistency rates, inactivity, TCP settings and much more.


MyConnectionPC is another solution from Visualware and it lets you measure the speeds and quality of your connection. It allows you to test the performance for applications like VoIP. You can also test the network route performance and identify connection problems. It should be noted that this is a paid solution and it is more suitable for users with advanced requirements.

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