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For over a decade, GoTrusted has been offering internet users a high level of protection to keep their personal data and activities private. The service is aimed at individuals and businesses that want to enhance the security of their connection, even when they are on the go. GoTrusted offers easy to use software and it can also be set up on mobile devices. It supports many convenient features and competitive pricing.  Those who don’t have previous experience with VPN services, will be pleased to discover that GoTrusted focuses on making things simple.  On the other hand, users who need advanced features may find that GoTrusted is fairly basic, but the service works well and provides the necessary functionality to keep your online traffic protected.  GoTrusted is a well-established VPN provider, with an extensive experience in the industry. It has also earned notoriety thanks to its TV ads, but it is the overall quality of the service what has allowed it to stay on business since 2005. Here is more about GoTrusted.



Instead of using the typical VPN pricing model of discounting the monthly rate the longer you subscribe, GoTrusted VPN simply offers a flat rate for individual users at $5.99 per month. This gives you flexibility to cancel at any stage, instead of being  tied up to a lengthy subscription.  There is a 7-day free trial that allows you to find out what GoTrusted offers and to confirm if it is the right choice for you, before paying for the service. Just keep in mind that to start the free trial, you will be asked to provide your card details so if you decide that GoTrusted is not for you, make sure that you cancel before the trial expires.  They do offer multiple user packages that target small to medium businesses (5 to 100 employees), as well as enterprise environments with over 100 employees. In order to get details about the pricing structure for these plans, you will need to contact them to request a quote.



There are custom VPN clients for Windows and Mac OS X. The VPN can also be set up on Android and iOS devices. Since GoTrusted focuses on offering a solution for beginners, the compatibility is limited and there are no configuration guides or support for other platforms. Still, the service does a good job at adding an extra layer of security for your online traffic and unblocking popular websites and services that may be blocked in your location, including YouTube and Facebook.


GoTrusted’s network has a large selection of servers, although the global coverage is not as extensive. Currently, they have servers in the following countries: United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Japan, Ireland, Singapore and France. While GoTrusted doesn’t support as many countries as other provider, the servers are strategically located to ensure that you can enjoy access to popular content. You can easily switch between servers and the interface keeps things simple as there are not many settings to adjust. Again, if you need advanced functions and technology, GoTrusted may not be suitable, but if you prefer a simple VPN for secure browsing, it is a good choice.

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In terms of privacy, it is important to keep in mind that GoTrusted VPN keeps detailed records regarding how their customers use their service. They keep connection logs that include details like time stamps and the size of the data packets sent online. This information is collected for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.  They also reserve the right to share information with other organizations – but only if you give them your consent. The only caveat is if they need to report illegal activity to law enforcement personnel, they will. While the monitoring policies will disappoint users who are looking for a high level of privacy, at least GoTrusted is transparent about the way in which data is handled. Besides, as long as you adhere to the law, you won’t have any problems with this VPN service.



Their website doesn’t provide specific details regarding what underlying technologies and software are used in their VPN solution. This is most likely because they defined their target audience as non-technical people. Remember, they are aiming to make their service as simple as possible. They support  L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN connections and we found that we found that with OpenVPN, they use up to 256-bit encryption to secure your data. One thing to note is that the level of encryption applied is not chosen by you, but it is automatically selected depending on your location and connection type.

Speed and Stability:

In general, GoTrusted offers good speeds across its network, although the results depend on your location and internet connection. We found that the service was efficient and gives you the possibility of unblocking international content without major delays.  While there is a limited number of global locations supported, the fact that there are servers in Asia, Europe and North America, allows customers from anywhere in the world to find an option that works well for their needs. In addition, our DNS leaks showed that GoTrusted offers good protection in this regard.

Customer Service:

GoTrusted VPN provides two means of accessing customer service: an online chat based system (available during business hours – US – EDT time), as well as a ticketing system for after-hours requests. Their online chat system is reliable and you can expect fast responses and efficient help. The website also includes a helpful FAQ section and customers can access detailed tutorials and other useful information through the client.

In summary, GoTrusted is a great service for people who don’t know much about VPN tunnels. They try to make their service as simple as possible to cater to less technologically oriented people.

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