Best Alluc Alternatives for 2020

In the past, looking for complete seasons of popular TV shows online is a difficult task to do. However, with the development of streaming websites, the access of popular TV shows became easier. One of the most popular streaming sites is Alluc and due to its popularity, copyright holders have started to track and has caused problems with its owners. Hence, in 2018, Alluc has ceased to operate which left its fans hanging. With that said, for Alluc fans, do not worry as we have come up with a list of alternatives where you could watch your favorite shows.

Enjoy Alluc Alternatives Anonymously Using a VPN

The good news is looking for alternatives for Alluc is not that difficult. It is easy to find and they do still exist. However, take note that copyright holders are still out there to enforce their rights. Thankfully there are ways to circumvent copyright and the first one the list – Virtual Private Network or VPN.

VPNs could encrypt the data of its users. It keeps its users’ connection and IP address anonymously. This means, VPNs could make your online activities difficult to track and make them virtually invisible. In addition to that, through VPN, you will not have any difficulties in streaming geo-restricted sites like Netflix. This is made possible through features that VPN offers. Examples of these are good encryption functions and strict no logs policies.

If you are looking for the best VPN that will best suit your needs, ensure that the VPN that you will choose could effectively encrypt your data, has fast speeds and would not leak your IP address.

Best Alluc Alternatives

1. FlixTor

FlixTor is a site that is familiar to Alluc fans. It is similar and closely related to PopcornTime family and it comes with popular movies and TV shows. Fans will be able to access new released movies and high profile TV shows as well. If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you are in luck as FlixTor features it.

The only problem that you could encounter with FlixTor is its accessibility since its mirrors are taken down regularly. This means, it will be a bit difficult to locate. Hence, it might not be ideal for regular streaming but if you are really interested, all you have to do is try to access it through your search engine.

2. Tubi

Tubi is well-known as the “free Netflix alternative”. However, unlike Netflix, this site is sponsored or funded by advertisements. If you wish to stream using Tubi, all you have to do is create an account and start browsing. The only problem with Tubi is that its content or selections are limited. This means, your favorite popular show might not be featured in this site. Aside from that, Tubi is also geo-restricted and is exclusive to those who are in the US. Hence, if you are outside the US, you will need a VPN.

3. Ololo.to

This site is probably one of the closest and the most similar to Alluc. Since this site, is a web crawler, you will have no problems in terms of content and selection. This site offers TV shows, movies, documentaries and many more.

The only downside of this site is it has a lot of pop-ups which could be frustrating and annoying especially when it freezes your browser.

4. MoviesJoy

The first thing that you would probably notice in this site is its pop-up advertisements. Though this could be very discouraging, this site is not as bad as it seems. Its main page is actually very presentable and it offer current Hollywood releases. It has wide selection of crime drama, comedies and many more. In addition to that, this site also comes with international content from Denmark and Japan.

As mentioned earlier, the only problem with this site is its advertisements.

5. GoMovies

GoMovies is based and headquartered in Vietnam. It is a free movie streaming site. It is known for its simplicity. To navigate this site, all you have to do is to type into the search box the movie you would like to watch. This site has lots of HD content and has numerous classic films.

6. TwoMovies

TwoMovies is known as social movie network. Through this site, you will be able to create your own profile and share your opinion and even rate all the movies or shows that you have watched. In this site, you will have about 70,000 films and 10,000 TV shows which you could choose from. Though this site is for free, you will need to create an account and register.

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another good option as an alternative for Alluc. It comes with amazing collection of TV shows, modern favorites and even cartoons for the kids. It also has cooking shows and international shows as well. The only challenge with this site is some of its titles are not available everywhere. Hence, the use of VPN is a must if you would wish to fully enjoy this site.

8. Popcorn Time

This site is a very popular alternative for Alluc. It is a site that is based around P2P streams which could be a concern for some people especially with the threat of malwares. Do not fret as you do not have to worry if you have a good quality VPN.

9. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is well-known for its HD movies. It is easy to use and easy to search for movies that you would wish to watch. Through this site, you will be able to filter options by title, genre, release date, popularity and many more.

The only thing that you have to consider when using this site is it is always hot in the eyes of copyright holders. Our recommendation is for you to use a VPN. This way, you will not have any problems.

10. AZ Movies

AZ Movies comes with attractive interface. It offers blockbusters and each title that they feature is rated and categorized by genre. Its directory is similar to Alluc’s. The only downside of this site is it does not offer any TV content.

11. MovieNinja

MovieNinja is as eye-catching as Alluc and is another good option not only as Alluc alternative but also Netflix alternative. This site has a broad range of selection which includes old movies from 10 to 15 years ago. Though that is the case, this site also offers new movies as well.

12. Yesmovies

This site includes not only TV shows but also cinematic movies. Its library is often and regularly updated. It has IMDB ratings and even has a guide for its viewers. Its selection is alphabetically arranged which makes it easier for its viewers. This site comes with also a few ads but you will not have any problems with it if you are subscribed to a good VPN service provider.

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