Is TunnelBear Safe to Use After Joining McAfee Family?

TunnelBear is a VPN that is convenient to have and easy to use. However, with McAfee taking over and buying the mentioned VPN, it is inevitable for the VPN not to undergo some changes. With that said, there are loyal customers who are upset with news of McAfee acquiring TunnelBear especially when there are talks that McAfee has plans of integrating TunnelBear with their own Safe Connection VPN. Aside from that, many are also wondering if the VPN service will also change its policies and will it still continue to become secured? Through this article, we will learn if using TunnelBear is still safe even after the mentioned VPN has been acquired by the McAfee Company?

What is TunnelBear’s Jurisdiction after Joining McAfee Family?

Though McAfee is based in the US, TunnelBear is still currently located in Canada. Canada has a clear policy and has privacy laws. Hence, there is no chance that any authority could access your information. As a matter of fact, TunnelBear’s website states that they do not store any personal data and it operates independently even with McAfee owning the brand. This means, TunnelBear does not have to adhere to US laws but rather is under the jurisdiction of Canada which also means, you do not have to worry about anything.

Another thing that would put your mind to ease is that TunnelBear has a strict zero logs policy which ensures its users that their data, browsing history and information are not being recorded and are safe from any prying eyes.


Now with the knowledge of the mentioned details above, no one would need to worry about continuing using Tunnelbear. Even with McAfee’s acquisition of the VPN, this did not impact nor have a bearing on the privacy policies that Tunnelbear has. As mentioned above, TunnelBear is still headquarted in Canada which means it adheres to Canada’s privacy laws.

Furthermore, aside from that, TunnelBear also comes with AES 256-bit encryption feature which is the most reliable security feature that most VPN uses. In addition to that, this VPN also offers OpenVPN protocol which ensures its users that their data are kept private and are highly protected at the same time it also keeps its users’ identity by making their connection anonymous. Also, TunnelBear offers additional layers of privacy through its extra features such as Vigilant Mode. This mode will surely block the traffic in case you lose your connection to the VPN server. This only means that your data will never be leaked. Moreover, it has a setting that you could launch right away as soon as you are online. Hence, you do not have to worry about having to remember to turn on Tunnelbear.

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